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Succeed – Day 17 – A neurological discovery that helps shut down procrastination fast and gets you moving toward your goals.

Most of my life I’ve struggled with procrastinating and have not known why…until recently.

My coach and mentor Willie Hooks has told me about my 3 different brains many times, but this time it finally sunk in.

Now I know EXACTLY why I procrastinate!

I can see clearly what’s going on inside that causes an internal tug-of-war, makes me feel overwhelmed, and eats away at my self-confidence.

I’m finally free of the mystery.

And today & tomorrow I’m going to give you the key to freedom from procrastination’s vice-grip.

It’s going to take effort on your part…this is not some magic pill…

But understanding what’s ACTUALLY going on in your head, and learning to speak to yourself the right way, will open a door that was closed before.

You need to learn to speak to ALL 3 of your brains

There are 3 main sections of your brain and each one of them responds to different motivations.

We’ve each got a Crocodile brain (reptilian, near brain stem), a mouse brain (paleomammalian, the limbic system), and a dolphin brain (neomammalian – the pre-frontal cortex).

And if you’re not speaking the right language to each one…good luck! You’re not going to get its attention!

Each part of our brain responds to different things.

It helps to think of these three parts as a different animal, croc, mouse, and dolphin, because we relate to them better that way.

Like this….


OK, so what do your 3 brains NEED to hear?

First: the dolphin. This is your pre-frontal cortex. The ‘dolphin brain’ is the most evolved part of your brain.

It wants love, affection, family, contribution, positive feelings, happiness and achievement! Dolphins are smart, caring creatures.

Positive affirmations are the language of this brain…it wants to know, “how will this make a difference?”

So we set goals, visions, and dreams…we remind ourselves of those, and this literally gives our dolphin brain drive and energy to press forward!

Second: the mouse. The mouse wants the cheese!!

The mouse is motivated by immediate reward and gratification

This part of our brain acts on autopilot and will sabotage our dolphin brain’s efforts if it smells an instant reward that is not in line with the dolphin’s goals.

The goal with the mouse is to keep it on track, by only letting it see rewards that we want it to see.

This is where shutting out all distraction is so vital!

Social media, email, phones, web-browsing – these are all quick-hit dopamine rewards – the mouse brain craves new stimulation.

We need to only allow our mouse brain to see reward and stimulation in the direction of our worthy goal.

Distractions must be eliminated…the mouse has a keen smell.

Third: The Croc. The Croc brain ONLY responds to fear of pain and death. Its only concern is survival and comfort.

When we paint the dreamy picture of how we want to make a difference in the world for our dolphin brain, the croc doesn’t hear a word of it!

He’s ONLY focused on staying alive and avoiding pain.

This is where positive affirmations fail

Failing to feed my croc brain messages of pain is what has tripped me up most of my life and caused me to procrastinate.

As a ‘positive thinking’ person, I actually AVOIDED thinking the painful ‘consequence’ thoughts my croc brain needed to hear.

And what exact language motivates our croc brain?

The croc brain needs to be CLEARLY told the painful consequence of its actions.

An example: “If you don’t get this training written during the day you will miss out on all the fun with your family tonight.”

Whenever we give ourselves a goal, it’s likely to feel hard to the croc…so it will ALWAYS resist it.

This causes a TUG-OF-WAR in the head between the dolphin and the croc – which DRAINS our energy.

And guess what??

The crocodile ALWAYS wins in a tug-of-war with a mouse and a dolphin!!

This shows up as avoiding what we know we want to do…seeking distraction in any way possible.

That is what it looks like on the outside when there’s a tug of war going on inside.

I’m sure you’ve felt it…you feel powerless to control your urges to seek distraction or comfort…ANYTHING to get away from doing what you know you want to do.

It’s a really helpless feeling.


How do you take back control of this inner croc that is running your life and pulling you around like a puppet on a string?

Get all three brains pulling in the same direction.

That is how you STOP the tug-of-war and eliminate procrastination.

And it’s as simple as 1 – Giving yourself SMALL tasks so you avoid presenting your Croc with something hard to avoid, and 2 –Speaking clearly to your Croc AND your Dolphin.

We spent a lot of time on setting small tasks yesterday…your croc brain is a HUGE reason why that’s so important.

We’ll go deeper on speaking to your brains tomorrow.

Make Today Amazing!