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Succeed – Day 16 – What’s the simple way to avoid looking back on a life of regret?

Focused action toward your true priority.

There – that’s the answer. I could close today’s message at that.

But I won’t of course;) Because today is a worthy day to talk more about this worthy subject.


Action is a key ingredient of success.

But remember, not just any action…don’t let ‘hard work’ and the ‘illusion of productivity’ fool you.

Working your life away neglecting things that truly matter is setting yourself up for deep remorse later on…when it’s too late to act.

The habit of Priority Focused Action not only brings us joy today – but paves the way for an entire lifetime full of joy and absent of REGRET.

“You can’t leave footprints in the sands of time if you’re sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time? ” – Jo Ryan

I know I certainly don’t want to look back in regret and see my butt prints frozen in the sands of time!!

But the only way to avoid that is by getting into action.


It happens most through FEAR and OVERWHELM…which are both related.

The goal this week is to remind you how to get past both of those paralyzers EASILY every single day – and stay in motion!

This week we’re going to clear the roadblocks to action!

First, today let’s talk about why tiny weak-sounding daily priorities TRUMP big huge tough-sounding daily priorities every time – and how to make this work for you today.

The brain resists big changes.” – Stephen Guise (Mini-Habits)

There’s a part of every human brain that wants NOTHING to do with anything hard or painful.

The minute you write a task on your list that takes multiple hours to complete (even if part of you is excited about it), part of your brain resists it.

Starting ANYTHING is hard…because your brain resists big changes.

But once you’re in motion, it’s generally easy to stay in motion…because your brain resists big changes.

We have a limited supply of willpower each day, so we need to use it wisely.

That is why SUPER SMALL FOCUSED PRIORITIES are the best.

We discussed this in Day 2 – it’s how you set yourself up to win. Here are more details on WHY that is the case.

You already know your big objective for the week…it’s written at the top of your weekly priority sheet.

It’s actually quite counterproductive to overwhelm yourself by cramming your entire day full of BIG tasks.

The willpower required to start a BIG task depletes your daily supply.

I’m sure you can relate to times of feeling highly productive in the morning, and later on finding yourself in that dreaded ‘afternoon lull’.

People think this is just common and unavoidable…but it’s TOTALLY avoidable IF you manage your energy and willpower supply.

How do you manage your willpower supply???

One important factor is giving yourself RIDICULOUSLY SMALL priorities.

For example…if my #1 goal for the week is to finish writing 10 days of training, my #1 priority today might be “write 100 words of training”.

That would take me less than 5 minutes to complete.

It’s easy for the mind to jump into action and costs HARDLY ANY willpower.

Once you’re in action…it’s automatic to just continue moving.

So I block off time in the calendar to do more, but I write on the priority sheet just the bare minimum to get me into action.

I do the same for all 3 to 6 priorities I set for myself.

Then when I look at my list for the day and it has 5 SUPER EASY tasks requiring 30 minutes combined, there’s no overwhelm!

I know I can win today.

That’s how to reserve your will power supply. You simply remove the silent internal battle your mind is waging inside that most people aren’t even aware of.

Most people have never even heard of the need to manage your willpower supply or that you even HAVE a willpower supply…but now that you know…use the knowledge wisely!

Give yourself small, clear, specifically actionable priorities for the day.

This concept taught in the wonderful book ‘Mini-habits’ is the foundation I use for creating all 12 of the habits of a Truly Amazing Life now.

It works wonders in removing roadblocks to action.

And don’t discount the power in this before you try it! I know it sounds strange.

But it doesn’t matter how strange it sounds if it gets you started and conserves willpower at the same time.

Because this enables you to keep starting more priorities with strong energy, so you keep on succeeding all day long.

“Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.” – Corita Kent

Make Today Amazing!