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Succeed – Day 15 – Focus on the seeds – the small and simple way.

Have you been plowing and preparing the field of your own life?

Are you focusing ONE Priority and taking action to progress your worthy goals?

Awesome – I hope the imagery of farming we discussed two days ago helps you remember – the small things are the important things.

Remembering the truth of nature’s way of growth and progress will give you patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

And the great sales trainer and author Og Mandino said “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

Admittedly, it can be easier to have patience growing physical crops…than for us in many of our worthy goals…because we don’t always have a ‘physical thing’ to look at and touch.

In our relationships and spiritual goals…it can be harder to see the result of seeds being planted…so we can easily forget to focus on planting them each day.

For example…one of my most ‘worthy goals’ in life is this: “I am completely united with Nan in a bond of deep, passionate love and friendship.”

(Notice the goal is an affirmation of what I already “am”, rather than what I “will be”?)

I recommend writing goals like that…as already achieved results…it helps to envision yourself already living your future desired state.

But when planting the seeds to harvest that goal…how do I know that the little act of doing the dishes, or expressing a compliment is going to produce the result I’m aiming for?

Just like planting a seed doesn’t immediately spring up an ear of corn the next day…most big worthy goals take a long time to manifest.

I don’t see immediate huge results of unity, love, passion etc.…when I simply do the dishes.

But because I see myself as the farmer, I love doing the small daily actions and find joy in them.

And I have found that over time, all that planting and preparing has paid off with an amazing harvest.

I feel more in love with my amazing wife today than ever before.

And I feel more love, compassion, understanding and support from her than ever before.

It only keeps growing, and the harvest gets better…I see wonderful results now…but they didn’t just show up immediately.

How about you…what are your worthy goals and how are you preparing?

How will you be the farmer in your life and FOCUS on your highest priority seed to plant today?

On my ‘TAL Priorities’ weekly sheet, one of my objectives is always my Family…

…so each week I write 3-5 objectives on my sheet that will progress my ‘worthy goals’ related to my family.

I use the 1-Page Priority tool every week to remember clearly and hold myself accountable to all of my worthy goals.

Robert Louis Stevenson said: “Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”

That approach works so much better than getting all bummed out because you aren’t pulling big juicy ears of corn off the stock every day.

Every day is not harvest day.

And even if it is harvest day…you still need to prepare for the NEXT harvest.

It is sage advice to judge each day by the seeds planted.

What small actions did you take to progress your goal?

That’s what defines success today.

When this comes to money and business it’s the same thing…, just different seeds to plant.

“You can’t harvest money unless you plant the seeds that grow money. And the seed of money is service.” – David Schwartz, Magic of Thinking Big

Whether doing that service as an employee or a business owner – it’s still service that is the seed.

That’s what I’m doing today by writing these words and putting them out to you and the world…planting seeds of service.

And in the end, we will harvest whatever we have sown.

“Creatures are heirs to their deeds.” – Buddha

We can’t escape our actions…whatever we actually DO is what shapes what we become and experience.

Our actions are the seeds that determine what we harvest.

The amazing news is, by simply choosing a BIG worthy goal, then taking SMALL, simple steps toward it daily with focus, life becomes astoundingly peaceful and beautiful! (Today AND in the future)

By doing that process, we take the RIGHT actions…so we don’t end up harvesting a bunch of weeds.

It’s so easy for us to discount the importance of our small, simple, daily action…but life is in the details!

The small and simple way is the powerful joyful way.

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” – Swami Sivananda

When you do this, you feel good now.

Keep trusting the process of life with patience.

Make Today Amazing!