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Succeed – Day 1 – Why end results are irrelevant to your success

For the next 4 weeks we’re going to FOCUS intently on the habit of PRIORITY FOCUS.

The ultimate reason for getting this habit installed is to live a life of success every day!

Most people settle and accept the usual standard, which is to experience success only very seldom.

Many people live lives of drudgery, always looking forward to some achievement or possession in order to feel successful.

The standard of ‘seldom successful’ is propagated by Webster’s most widely accepted definition for the word:

Webster’s Definition:   Success: 1 – the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. 2 – the correct or desired result of an attempt.

Do you see how that definition limits success to very infrequent (if ever) moments in life?

The first thing we need to do is REJECT that definition altogether – it does not serve us well – and is actually the cause of a lot of unhappiness for many who are sucked into the ‘always striving, never arriving’ trap.

The late Earl Nightingale gave us a MUCH BETTER definition, the best one I have found yet:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

Following that definition, EVERYONE can experience success, at any moment, of EVERY day.

Choosing to use that definition opens the doors to a full and abundant life starting today…which is why it is a vital pillar of living a Truly Amazing Life.

So we will explore this definition from every angle and break it down this month.

As you follow the simple instructions daily, you’ll come away with the habit of Priority Focus and a deep understanding of how to always Succeed Right Now.

The actual habit of priority focus has three essential parts:

1 – Decide on your priorities.

2 – Write your specific, clear, action-oriented priorities in order of priority.

3 – DO your priorities in order, avoiding distraction and staying focused.

We’ll cover the basics of each of these this first week, and then we’ll dive much deeper into each in the remaining weeks.

As we go along, your simple daily habit will be to Decide, Write, and DO your priorities in order.

By the end of the month, probably sooner, you will likely feel more focused and successful than ever before.

These are simple shifts…but they make a profound difference.

Included with today’s message is the Priority Focus tool I use every single day to guide me and keep me on track.

Here’s the link to instantly download and print the 1-page tool.

I keep this in the front of my journal right, behind my ‘Truly Amazing Morning’ weekly tracker.

(I use a 3-ring binder for all my paper writing so I can easily scan a digital backup copy of all my paper journals)

You can download the weekly tracker here if you don’t have it yet.

We’ll get more into the best practices of this tool, but for now go ahead and print it and write your top 3 priorities for today.

One reason this tool is so helpful is it holds you accountable to YOU.

You are always reminded of your plans for the week, and your focus for today.

And since you’re writing it down, you can’t weasel out on yourself and just forget your intentions.

Personal accountability in writing goes a LONG way in keeping you succeeding each day.

Now, some final expansions today as we re-define success:

“True success originates within, independent of external circumstances. Success comes as the automatic consequence of aligning one’s life with high-power energy patterns” – David R. Hawkins

And what is a ‘high-power energy pattern’? It is really any ‘worthy goal’.

And what constitutes a ‘worthy goal’? We’ll cover that a lot in coming days.

Here’s another viewpoint of success that agrees with Nightingale’s definition:

“An elderly, wealthy gentleman being interviewed by a newspaper reporter was asked at what point he became successful. His answer was, “I was successful when I was sleeping on a park bench because I knew where I was and I knew where I was going.”” – Bob Proctor, You were born rich

The bottom line?

Your ‘end result’ achievements in life do NOT define your success.

Success is ALL about what you choose to do with this moment you are living right now.

That is why you can always ‘Succeed Right Now’.

Simply decide to progress a worthy goal and then take one action forward – that is success

“Progressive realization” involves decision, priority, and action.

We’ll dive deeper on choosing worthy goals and building our ability to take those daily steps…

…I’m looking forward to a month of SUCCESS with you!

For now…go decide on 3 priorities for today! Write them down in order of priority to you. Then focus and DO them, one at a time, avoiding distraction as best you can.

Make Today Amazing!