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Smile – Day 6 – Just watch the happy movie instead

We’re wrapping up week one of SMILE month, so let’s recap where we are and take inventory.

FIRST: Every morning are you starting the day in a state of feeling grateful as you picture in your mind what you appreciate?

SECOND: Throughout the day are you consciously smiling as you think of what you are thankful for and express gratitude and praise to those around you?

THIRD:  Are you writing down your heart’s thankful thoughts each night before you sleep?

Immersing yourself in gratitude, which results in nothing but joy, is as easy as those 3 steps.

Now to continue on the topic of challenges and ‘flipping the script’ that we discussed yesterday, listen to Norman Vincent Peale’s remark:

“Whenever God wants to give you a gift, he wraps it up in a problem”   – Norman Vincent Peale

What a wonderfully empowering way to choose to view things!

And if we believe that way, doesn’t that make it easier to say “Thank You!” for everything that shows up in our life today?

The problems and the pleasures?

So just choose to believe that and say thank you for everything!!

Start assuming that something good is hidden in each challenge or obstacle.

Everything is conspiring for your benefit, so there’s no reason to be mad about your circumstances and every reason to be thankful for them.

Of course I totally get how hard that is in practice.

It takes time to work through our intense emotions sometimes because things happen that appear so contrary to what we wanted or planned for.

But even if we can’t find gratitude just yet for those challenges we may be facing…

…we can always find gratitude for something…which will get our momentum going in the right direction.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the same talk I referenced earlier this week also said:

“No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish.”  

“There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it.”  – Deiter F. Uchtdorf

And that is the real point.

Even if you can’t yet bring yourself to feel grateful for EVERYTHING…

you can find SOMETHING to be thankful for today.

And that is why this habit of appreciation is so important.

Because there truly is something in each and every day that can bring you gratitude and joy…and this habit you are establishing is training you to ‘See and appreciate it’.

Without this essential habit, days, weeks, and even years could go by without us even noticing all the beauty and abundance all around us.

Because the default of our human nature is to focus on the problem.

But that would be tragic to miss all these moments!

So that’s why we are training ourselves to see the beautiful and the blessings we are surrounded by each day.

It’s amazing how much goes unnoticed to the mind that is constantly re-playing the negative movie script when if we just divert our attention a new direction we would notice that the next movie screen over is brimming over with beauty and happiness.

It’s like we’re sitting in a swivel chair in a movie theater.

All we have to do is spin our chair 90 degrees and all of a sudden we escape the dark, depressing misery of daunting challenges on one screen and we are immersed in an abundant, colorful, array of options and opportunity on the next screen over.

That’s figurative of course.

In reality, you ‘swivel in your theater chair’ by pulling out your gratitude journal and getting real with yourself about all the abundance and blessings you have.

To switch screens, just write down the many things you have to be grateful for.

And as you write…allow yourself to get whisked away in the feeling of gratitude.

Henry Ward Beecher described this feeling well when he said:

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher

That’s the beauty you can create in your life any time, any day.

Through this act of appreciating you are cultivating a beautiful life that blossoms and blooms and fills you with joy.

So keep it up!

You are amazing.


Smile – Day 7 – Day of rest

Tomorrow you won’t get a message from me, so feel free to take a bit more time in the morning to ponder and reflect in your journal on the amazing gift of your life.

Here are some ideas to write about:

What did you experience as you focused on appreciating?

How is it shifting your standard way of living each day?

What effect is it having on those around you if any?

Please share by email or in the TAL Mastermind.

It’s great to hear your experiences.

OK, Go Appreciate!!

And Make Today Amazing!