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Smile – Day 5 – Why wait until someday to feel grateful??

Let’s continue the important topic of writing appreciation…

It’s so important to establish the habit of writing appreciation daily, even if it’s as simple as this:

I’m grateful for:

  1. My body
  2. The ability to breathe
  3. being alive
  4. A comfortable bed
  5. A roof over my head

The habit of writing down DAILY what you are grateful for will anchor you to happiness.

This habit will keep you from drifting away from your island of happiness.

It’s impossible to remain unhappy when you are feeling grateful.

And that feeling is the result of expressing appreciation.

So every night, just write anything that comes to your heart, no need to be profound…this isn’t supposed to feel like a chore.

But also, feel free to let it expand into something more than just a minute or two if you feel like it.

A free-flowing, open writing session on what you are grateful for is powerful.

Sometimes this will be very hard!

Because the day felt like the shambles and you’re just ready for it to be over.

But those times are often a wonderful opportunity to “flip the script” on the day.

You might try this on those hard days, when something happened that really bothered you:

“I’m grateful this extremely hard thing happened today.  Why?  Because…_______”

Then fill in the blank.


That’s OK.  Do your best to come up with some reason why you can be grateful for that hard thing.

If you’re stumped…don’t fret, move on to writing something else that you easily feel grateful for.

But the reality is this:

Someday, sooner or later, you are going to look back on every single thing that happened in your life and feel immense gratitude for it all.

Maybe not in this lifetime…I don’t know.

But some day you are going to understand clearly how all the pieces wove together perfectly.

Some day it will be crystal clear how everything was conspiring for your benefit and just how important that trial was to your overall growth, joy, and happiness.

So here’s a question for you…why wait until someday to feel grateful??

Why not experience the gratitude and the resulting joy NOW?

The beauty is you don’t have to wait!

It’s very true what I quoted yesterday:

“Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.”  – Deiter F. Uchdorf

As you practice expressing gratitude for everything that is happening, whether it is something you wanted or NOT, you begin looking at the world entirely different.

You are no longer a victim but a VICTOR.

You are acting in faith knowing that everything is conspiring for your benefit.

And this different way of acting changes everything.

It opens you up to amazing feelings of joy right now, and it changes the way you will respond to whatever is happening.

So on the hard days that you will inevitably have, practice expressing gratitude for even the hard things.

And if you doubt it, and it feels fake, and you really, REALLY don’t feel grateful for it, don’t try to force the feeling.

Maybe you’re mad it happened!

Maybe you’re mad at yourself, and just mad or sad in general and you have a really hard time feeling grateful for whatever hard thing happened today!

It may be best to let it go for today, and say thank you for something else that you are definitely grateful for.

Just get some rest and address it in the morning, your head will be clearer then anyway.

But when you are up for it, and you want to turn your adversity into your advantage RIGHT NOW…

…try writing this type of question in your journal and then answering it as follows:

Why am I grateful for this hard thing you ask???

“Well, simple my dear…because I know that everything is conspiring for my benefit!!”

“And that means even this!”

“And even though I don’t know how this is possibly conspiring for my benefit, and it hurts, and it seems to be the opposite of what I wanted, I AM GRATEFUL it happened!”

“Because I recognize that I don’t understand how everything works.”

“And I can’t see exactly how the source of all love in the universe is guiding me lovingly on the exact path that is perfect for me.”

“But just because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

“I am loved, therefore this experience is here for my good, so I am grateful for it.

“Maybe it’s just here to humble me?”

“Maybe to teach me patience?”

“Maybe I wouldn’t be able to serve others the way I need to without having this experience so I could empathize with them?”

I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter does it?

“The fact is, it happened.  I can’t change that.”

“So I choose to be grateful for it and to focus my attention on what good is going to come from it.”

“And I choose to look for the good that would not have even been possible without this hard thing.”


See how that works?

That is the way you flip the script on challenges using GRATITUDE!

That is how you appreciate life in the present moment and not just in retrospect.

It is absolutely possible and YOU CAN DO IT!

I love you!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve and speak to you daily.

Thank you for who you are and for your loving and open heart in seeking to improve your life!

Remember the 3 things today:

1 – Appreciate with feeling in the morning, 2 – Appreciate through action all day, and 3 – Appreciate in writing in the evening!

Make Today Amazing!