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Smile – Day 4 – “Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.”

Did you smile more yesterday?

How did it feel?

Keep that up today, make the effort to smile more regular, while thinking of reasons you have to smile.

And add to that an expression of thanks to those around you.

The combo of smiling and expressing appreciation is amazingly powerful.

Not only do you feel better, but you spread an empowering, joyful energy to those around you…which inevitably returns more joy your way.

So today, as you are smiling more, give others more reason to smile by saying a sincere thank you.

Smiles are contagious all by themselves…but when you add in words of appreciation your smile will be irresistible!

Make it a game!  Watch how you can get everyone smiling!  😉

It will fill your heart and grow your smile that much more.

Smiling and Appreciation is also a powerful tool for helping others in hard times.

Think about it…when someone is struggling with something…and you don’t really know what to do or say to help…

…What happens when you sincerely compliment them?

Or tell them how much you appreciate them for something?

It’s inevitable that they will feel slightly better.

We (especially us male versions of the species) tend to want to fix problems when we see them.

But we usually do more harm than good when open up our handy toolbox of advice and start hammering out wonderful (at least they seem to us) bits of wisdom about how to fix the issue.

Instead…praise, compliment, and express gratitude

…and watch how the person is empowered to find their own resolution in time.

It is much more appreciated than advice.

Also, it can be done with a gentle smile and be well received…and it helps others get back to smiling quicker.

So those are some pointers on appreciating through Action!  Now…on to item 3.


3. Appreciate through Writing:

Writing is very important!

It engages different senses and over time it gives you physical, hard evidence of all the abundance in your life.

You can then use this evidence in challenging times to pull you out quicker.

But more important than that is the powerful feeling of peace, and happiness it invokes in your life RIGHT NOW to take physical action of writing what you appreciate.

Make the habit of ending your day with written gratitude.

This will send you off to sleep in a much better state than reading, or watching TV, or almost anything else.

But it will be hard some nights because you’re tired!

Believe me, I get it!  This can be a really challenging habit to get into!

But just make the commitment to write at least 5 things…even if it’s super fast simple things.

Write the date in your journal so you can hold yourself accountable.

The key is to JUST DO IT even when you’re tired…

…even when you really don’t want to…

…even when you feel down and tired and just want to go to sleep and let a new day begin.

Don’t let yourself off the hook here.

This small simple thing will produce amazing results in your life.

Just trust, and DO IT every day.

Some nights you will fill up with joy and probably tears as you realize that despite your challenges you are grateful!

Other nights it may just feel rushed, or even forced.

Don’t worry, just do it.  Do your best.

And also, feel free to write a whole page of things if you want!

There’s no limit…if you are feeling deeply grateful and you’re on a roll, by all means keep going.

The more appreciation the merrier!

But 5 things is sufficient.

You just need the habit of living in appreciation for the things that are happening in your life RIGHT NOW.

So make it simple, writing 5 things only takes a minute or two.

You just need to get yourself into action.

This statement nails the importance of living in appreciation right now today:

“The older we get, the more we look back and realize that external circumstances don’t really matter or determine our happiness.”

“We do matter.   We determine our happiness.   We shouldn’t wait to be happy until we reach some future point, only to discover that happiness was already available–all the time!”

“Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.”  – Deiter F. Uchdorf

So write down 5 things you are grateful for today, and that act will be your decision to be happy now.

You deserve that, and you can do it!

Deepening this daily habit will positively affect your entire life and everyone around you.

Make Today Amazing!