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Smile – Day 27 – Give yourself a celebratory gift

This is the final day of training on the habit of APPRECIATE!

I hope this month you have found yourself more grateful than ever before in your life.

I would love to hear about your experience appreciating this month.

As a final exercise to carry you forth, today or tomorrow, I invite you to close out this month with a letter of gratitude to yourself.

You can also take time to write a letter of appreciation to another person, but first and foremost, I encourage you to take at least 30 minutes, and spend quiet time appreciating YOU.  

You deserve this!

You are more than worthy of this time devoted to you.

This will be the most important way you can wrap up this month of focused appreciation.

By lovingly spending the time to recognize yourself you will be giving yourself a great gift.

It’s a gift of acknowledgment and love.

Picture this as a parting gift of this month of gratitude, to congratulate you on ANY effort you have put forth to become more grateful, despite how imperfect you may feel your effort to be.

Don’t focus on the lack, focus on gratitude to YOU for the actions you did take.

You are a new person, this is a mini-graduation of sorts, so treat it with the acknowledgment and celebration you deserve.

Write yourself a love letter of gratitude, with pen and paper if you’re able…or typed or dictated if that’s your best option.

And then go forth from here, committed to smiling and appreciating every miracle you can possibly see throughout each day.

Appreciation brings you happiness.

And according to Mark Twain… “Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.”

So be happy by appreciating and you bless yourself and others.

Now to end this month of appreciating, here’s a scriptural quote that I love, and wholeheartedly believe:

He who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold.” – Doctrine & Covenants 78:19

Those words bring me peace, comfort, and motivation.

I love being able to trust in a higher power for a beautiful and bright future by living in gratitude and humility today.

And that promise and truth does not apply only to this life, which is an important distinction.

If you don’t believe our spirit continues to live after our body dies, this may have less meaning for you.

If that’s the case, just focus on the most important thing anyway, which is this:

Living in gratitude and thankfulness is the best way to BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

“Gratitude is heaven itself.” – William Blake

We can ALL benefit from the principle of appreciation RIGHT NOW…regardless of our beliefs about what happens after this life.

And in reality, the most important thing is to live in heaven right now…which is to live in gratitude.

But if you do believe our spirits are eternal, then that scripture will likely give you even more hope.

And hope is a beautiful thing.

I hope that you are happy today.

I hope you are immensely thankful for the miracle of your life and everything in it.

Thank you for your sincerity and love.

The fact that you are subscribed as a member of 5 Minute Mental Mastery and listening to this message today is evidence that you are committed to living a Truly Amazing Life.

And I am so grateful and honored to be working on that goal daily right alongside you.

Please let me know if you have thoughts or feedback on how I can better serve you in any way.

And don’t hesitate to share any ideas on how you can contribute to spreading the TAL message and mission.

Keep being grateful.  Keep on feeling it.  Keep smiling.  And keep on writing daily about the miracles and beautiful things you have to be grateful for.

You are awesome.

I love you!

Make Today Amazing!