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Smile – Day 22 – The great cosmic joke

We’re in the final week of focus on Appreciating!

Let’s finish strong and seal the deal on this happiness inducing habit before we move on to another important focus together.

And first today, what about a little laughter?

“One of the frequent accompaniments of sudden enlightening realizations is laughter: The cosmic joke is the side-by-side comparison of illusion with reality” – David R. Hawkins

Have you experienced that before?

A sudden realization of the total hilarity of your obsession with continuing suffering for some reason?

It’s the cosmic joke! That comparison of reality with illusion!

Which one is reality and which one is illusion?

What you see with your physical eyes is what you think is real…but it’s actually the illusion.

What you see with your spiritual eyes is the true reality.

And the reason that cosmic joke can be so funny, is because it’s full of mercy, compassion, and tenderness.

When we have that sudden enlightenment and realization that brings us to laughing at our own prior silliness, there is no judgment, no condemnation, and it’s not a spiteful laugh.

It’s the belly laugh we feel after we watch a baby who throws just the cutest tantrum in the world over the most trivial little item.

In our own life, when the clouds part and we can see from a higher perspective, things get pretty fun and funny!

We can see it all for what it is.

We can see that we are all just doing the best we can with what we have.

And that brings lightness, and ease into our heart.

And it’s accompanied by compassion and mercy.

And where does this ‘sudden elightening realization’ come from?  How do we get these moments?

Appreciation is usually the catalyst.

By focusing on the energy of appreciation we open ourselves to the higher realm and perspective of our creator.

And along these lines:

“He who has conquered weakness, and has put away all selfish thoughts, belongs neither to the oppressor nor oppressed. He is free” – James Allen, As a man thinketh

We can put away selfish thoughts through consciously directing our thoughts to appreciation.

And now that appreciating is a stronger habit for you, it will lead you more each day away from the oppression of selfish thoughts into the liberation and freedom that is the state of the grateful and loving heart.

“After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.”  – William R. Alger

There is so much freedom in being ‘of good cheer.’

And another thought from Mateo Tabatabaiy:

“Every single day of my life is play and art.  Within my illusion all is well, people love each other, people are friendly, honest, and LOVE to have fun.”

“Within my illusion paradise on earth is not something you long for, but something you experience fully in each and every moment.”

“Within my illusion you laugh and rejoice when life hits you hard, you laugh because it is all play anyway.”

“Within my illusion crying is not embarrassing, but one of the most beautiful and vulnerable things you can do.” – Mateo Tabatabai, The Mind-Made Prison

What is your illusion like?

Life is just an illusion we create for ourselves after all.

We create the canvas, we decide on our own experience.

So what is your experience?

Are you laughing at all the amazing cosmic jokes that surround you daily?

Life is a gift.

Through your habit of appreciation you become aware daily of this amazing gift.

Life is short.

Like the blink of an eye.

So appreciate today!

Then laugh and rejoice at the beautiful, playful humor in it all.

Make Today Amazing!