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Smile – Day 1 – You Are An Appreciator.

Welcome to Day 1 of ‘5 Minute Mental Mastery – Smile’!

Hello and welcome to a new month of 5 Minute Mental Mastery!!

I’m excited to start another month of training with you on one the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.

This month we’ll be laser focused on the pillar of SMILE and it’s associated habit ‘Appreciate’.

The goal this month is that go forth in your life with the habit of living in a deeper state of appreciation.

And the word ‘appreciate’ has multiple meanings.

Often we think it means to feel gratitude for something, and that is indeed the main focus this month.

But here are the other definitions to be aware of:


  1. Recognize the full worth of
  2. Recognize the full implications of
  3. Rise in value or price

So this month we’ll create the habit of appreciating by ‘Recognizing the full worth of’ our life and everything in it.

This is done through expressing gratitude.

And interestingly, we are going to ‘raise the value’ of our life through the habit of appreciating also.

This is also done through the act of gratitude.

When we express gratitude, this actually accomplishes all 3 of those definitions.

For example, when I say ‘I’m thankful to be alive and breathing’, in that moment I am

1) Recognizing the full worth of my life,

2) Recognizing the implications of what it means to be alive and what a blessing it is, and

3) I am actually increasing the value of my life, causing joy to come into my heart and the feeling of fullness and liberation which makes life more meaningful.

So…this word APPRECIATE is going to do a lot for you in your life.

It is a powerful action word.


And as the habit of Appreciating becomes a deeper part of your nature, your world and your life will be filled with more joy and feel even more magical.

You tend to automatically make everything and everyone around you better because you are an appreciator.

So start viewing yourself RIGHT NOW as an appreciator.

Because you are.

Don’t wait until you think you have the habit of appreciating 30 days from now.

The moment you say thank you for anything you are an appreciator.

The moment you compliment anything or anyone you lift them, raise them up, increase the value of their life, and you are an appreciator.

You raise the value of everything within you and outside of you as an appreciator.

That’s who you are.

You are an appreciator.

And this month you’re going to deepen this automatic habit and tendency to be an appreciator, and you will notice your world, your heart, and your joy expand immensely.

If you will do the simple actions I invite you to do, I guarantee you that your world, your heart, and your joy will expand.

Because it is literally impossible NOT to have your world, your heart, and your joy expand if you practice the act of appreciating.

The two keys to your success this month are:

1) Take the actions DAILY and

2) Forgive yourself fast when you falter on item 1 and just start again right now.

You’ll have those days and those moments…we all fall off the horse.

Don’t be surprised and don’t kick yourself when you’re down.

Just brush off the dust and climb back on…that’s the only productive way to move ahead.


I’m so excited to hear your experiences this month, so don’t hesitate to share with me and in the TAL Mastermind group.


Now here are the 3 specific things we will focus on this month:

1. Appreciate with Feeling: Every morning spend time in deep, emotional gratitude as you picture in your mind what you are thankful for.

2. Appreciate in Action:  Throughout each day, practice thinking of something you are grateful for and smiling or expressing verbal gratitude to others.

3. Appreciate through Writing: Every evening before bed write at least 5 things you’re grateful for in a journal.


And by the way, you can mix and match these however you want.  It’s wonderful to write in your gratitude journal in the morning, afternoon, or anytime!

And if the first thing you do when you wake up is say thank you to your spouse for being in your life, wonderful!

The idea is just to get yourself into the habit of Feeling, Acting, And Writing Appreciation throughout each day, and not just once at the beginning or the end.

And they all mix together.

When I’m writing, that is often the best way for me to start feeling the deepest levels of gratitude.

But other times just relaxing in my chair, looking in the mirror and saying thank you to me, thank you to God, and thank you to life for whatever I feel in my heart is the best way to feel deep gratitude.

The point is, that at least 3 different times during each day you find yourself immersed in gratitude, and hopefully many more!

I want you to have 2 specific structured times, one where you are simply sitting and feeling grateful.

Even if it’s just for ONE MINUTE in the morning.

And one time at minimum each day where you write in your journal at least 5 things you’re grateful for.


Over the next couple days I’ll dive into a lot more specifics on each of these 3 things, but just start today Appreciating with feeling, in action, and through writing.

Do these first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and right before sleep.


That’s all for today, much more tomorrow.

Make today a THANK YOU day and Make Today Amazing!