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Day 22 – The truth is you are OK just how you were created.


If you have been diligent these past 21 days, then you now have established the habit to reflect in the mirror daily and Remember Who You Are!

This habit alone will be responsible for deep happiness throughout your life.

Because when you are connected and in tune with who you are, then you can hear your calling in life.

You reside in a state of compassionate love, which spreads out and positively affects everyone around you.

And you are able to live in a place of awareness, confidence, and deep fulfillment.

So congrats for being at this very place at this time.

If life has handed you storms or you’ve struggled with distractions these past few weeks and you have found it challenging to establish this regular mirror check-in routine, please don’t beat yourself up inside!

Acknowledge your responsibility in it. Don’t pretend to be a victim of life. Just acknowledge what happened. Look at what lessons you can learn. Then move ahead.

You are OK. And you too are amazing. We are all at different places and there is zero benefit in judging ourselves or comparing ourselves to others.

It does not say anything negative about you or your character if this has been challenging for you.

What it says is you have experienced challenging circumstances. That’s all.

Your heart is all that matters and your heart is in the right place. The proof of that is that you are reading or listening to this right now.

You are not in control of all things and we all have difficult loads to bear that come at different times.

Love yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive life and God and everyone else around you for your challenges. Because in truth, all of these things are conspiring for your benefit, despite whether you can see how or not.

You are deeply loved and cared for, and you are completely deserving and worthy of immense love.

Your actions or lack of actions don’t determine your lovability…

…the fact is you are always unconditionally loved and cared for.

Believe that.

Let go of self-judgment and condemnation — I guarantee you your creator is not condemning you.

We condemn ourselves by believing lies of negativity. We are all part of the same source of all truth, unconditional love, and compassion — not condemnation. Allow yourself to be free of any of the comparisons and the ’I’m not good enough’ thoughts, which are completely false.

This too is part of remembering who you are.

Whenever you remember the truth and it resonates deeply in your core — you have remembered somewhat who you are — because you are connected to the source of all truth.

Now…let’s wrap up today with a couple more thoughts from the inspired Kamal Ravikant:

“When your sense of self and happiness comes from within and isn’t a roller coaster ride dependent on others or circumstances, you approach life differently. You make better choices. You draw to you the people and situations that matter. The others, they fall away.”

And one more…

Peace is saying to yourself, “it’s ok.” Peace is knowing that the maze the mind plays in is not the truth. Peace is knowing that life is. Just is. How we choose to react to it determines our reality.” – Kamal Ravikant

Let go of any judgment today, whether positive or negative, and be at peace.

Both positive and negative judgments of yourself and others are rooted in ego and pride, which are always based in falsehood.

The truth is you are OK just how you were created!

Striving to be just like, or better than, any other person is a recipe for unhappiness.

Have a wonderful first day of the week!

Don’t let up on your daily routine.

And as a reminder, hopefully you are in the habit of using the Truly Amazing Morning Tracker I gave you in the intro to this book.

Here’s the link to the resources page where you can download it again if needed:

The Truly Amazing Morning Weekly Tracker

This tool is indispensable for me. It keeps me on track and accountable to myself every day.

When creating habits and rituals it is extremely important to keep track of yourself using a check list.

It keeps your mind freer and more relaxed to have a simple list you can check off rather than needing to spend mental energy thinking about what to do next or trying to remember how you have been doing.

When it’s black and white in ink in front of your face it brings you right into the present moment and reality instantly.

If I didn’t have this list, I would more easily forget, and likely fall out of some of the core habits that are so beneficial to me.

Make today amazing!