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Day 2 – Time to wake up and free yourself from the negative programming of the world.

How did it go yesterday?

Did you do the four steps in the morning and the evening?

Here are the four steps again:

  1. Sit or stand directly in front of a mirror. (Get close, within a foot or two.)
  2. Breathe in and out deeply 3 times while looking in your eyes.
  3. As you look in your eyes say this 3 times: “(Say your name), I forgive you for every mistake of the past. I love you fully and completely. You are worthy. You are capable. You are amazing. (Feel free to add other truths about the real You).”
  4. Breathe in and out deeply 3 more times. (Still looking in your eyes.)

And here are the four steps simplified:

  1. Look in the mirror
  2. Breathe
  3. Say ‘I love you’ 3 times
  4. Breathe

Easy. Do that every morning and every night this month. If it’s hard to look in your eyes, do it anyway.

Don’t be surprised if you get emotional and begin crying. That is good.

Also don’t worry if you aren’t getting emotional right away and you feel no impact. You are having an impact! Doing this process twice a day is impacting you whether you feel anything or not.

Try to keep yourself open to exploring your heart as you do this each day. At some point, sooner or later, you will shed tears of joy as you Remember Who You Are deep within your core.

Now…why are we doing this?

Isn’t this a bit weird to talk to ourselves in the mirror?

Sure…maybe it is a bit weird. But the better question is this:

How badly do you want to tap into the deep reservoir of personal confidence, love, and power that dwells within you?

That is why we are doing this.

You will get over any feelings of awkwardness in time, and you will feel the sense of peace and confidence that you deeply yearn for.

By expressing your love for yourself daily for four weeks you will establish the habit of believing that you love yourself and actually feeling that love on a deep, subconscious level.

Your self-image and self-worth will improve dramatically.

And that is essential to your happiness and the achievement of your goals and deepest desires in life.

That internal love for yourself needs to be such a core part of you that it automatically guides your outlook and thoughts at all times. And that will happen as you diligently follow the process each day this month.

I’ll leave you with an important truth today:

You are more than worthy of love.

Unfortunately, it is extremely common for us silly humans to believe the exact opposite.

We sometimes feel guilty and unworthy of love from others and ourselves.

We attach our self-worth to our accomplishments or possessions or a myriad of other things outside of ourselves — which inevitably leads us to the pain of unwarranted self-criticism.

David R. Hawkins gave us a marvelous insight on this in his book Letting Go: the pathway to surrender:

“When we look deep within ourselves, is it not because of our very innocence that we believe ourselves to be guilty?

“It is because of our own inner innocence that we have bought into all the negativity of the world and allowed it to kill our aliveness, destroy our awareness of who we really are, and sell us the pathetic little smallness for which we have settled. Is not ours the innocence of the newborn that cannot defend itself and, with no capacity for discernment, could only allow itself to be programmed, like a computer?”

“To see this means to become conscious.”

“Let’s wake up and free ourselves from being exploited and enslaved by the negative programming of the world.”

“When we see the truth of how programming happens, we will see that we are the pure, blank computer.”

“We are the innocent space in which the programming is occurring.”

Once we have looked deep within ourselves and found that innate inner innocence, we will stop hating ourselves. We will stop condemning ourselves and stop buying into the condemnation of others and their subtle attempts to invalidate our worth as human beings. – David Hawkins

The computer of your mind has been programmed by negative influences throughout your life…and that’s OK! Because you can delete those programs by remembering now who you truly are.

Remember…you are more than worthy of love from yourself.

One final idea: It’s important to track your progress with this habit.

I recommend using the Truly Amazing Morning weekly tracking sheet and making a check mark every time you keep this daily reflection commitment to yourself.

(Download the tracking sheet at

Draw a diagonal line through each day’s box on the Remember line (line 4) so that you can make a check mark for the morning and a check mark for the evening.

Keep a record of each day you keep the commitment to reflect love for yourself in the mirror.

It feels good to see the progress you are making and it also holds you accountable to yourself.

You are much more likely to have breakthrough results if you keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable.

Now go remember how awesome you are!

Make today amazing!