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Day 16 – There is a deep well of loving water within you.

How did it go asking questions of yourself yesterday?

Keep doing that. Allow yourself to remember deeply who you are by asking yourself specific questions and listening for the answers.

This is best done in the quiet, early hours of the morning for me.

But whenever you have quiet, peaceful time is a great time to reconnect with You.

Now, a question for you today:

Have you ever thought, “What is wrong with me?”

Welcome to the club! Everyone has thought that at one time or another.

I got this heartfelt, vulnerable email from a TAL Family member Wendi one day that you may be able to relate with:

“My biggest challenge is even though I have just about everything I could possibly want in life, I’m still not happy.”

“I want to be happy, I’m just not and I don’t know why. I put on a fake smile for everyone around me in hopes they won’t notice how unhappy I truly am.”

“I find life in general to be a challenge…when I think back on a time I was happiest…I was living alone in an awesome townhouse in a different state than my parents. I had an awesome job, I worked out at the gym everyday with a friend, and I was within driving distance from the beach, which is my happy place. The only responsibility I had was myself. I am not a selfish person, I enjoy helping others and taking care of my kids.”

“So what is wrong with me?”

Ever felt like Wendi? I definitely have.

I remember one time when I was feeling low I was playing on the trampoline in the perfect shade of a warm sunny evening, looking up at the peaceful clouds, and my three girls were all giggling hysterically. I distinctly remember thinking that the circumstances warranted only feelings of unbridled joy…and yet I could not feel joy. I felt empty. I smiled at the kids, but it too was empty for me.

I wanted to feel the joy, but in that moment I couldn’t for some reason…just like Wendi.

Here are my thoughts on that:

Happiness is a choice.

Getting everything you want will never bring you true & lasting happiness.

There is definitely nothing wrong with us if we find ourselves struggling to be happy.

In those moments we just need to be guided back to remembering which choices to make.

Here’s the guidance:

If you actively live the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life, happiness is inevitable.

It’s simply unavoidable. Happiness and joy are the natural outcomes of living those pillars.

And the pillars are all actions, as you’ll notice when you look at the Truly Amazing Life Poster.

Living the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life allows you to live in a state of joy regardless of your circumstances. To have that level of control over your state of happiness and joy requires that your happiness come from within.

That is why we are so focused this month on the essential pillar of Remember!

Remembering who you are is absolutely critical to finding deep and lasting happiness within.

As you noticed above, Wendi had been looking for happiness outside of herself. We all fall into this; it is the nature of the physical world and society we live in to pull us into looking for happiness in external things.

Remember what she said?

“Even though I have just about everything I could possibly want in life, I’m still not happy. I want to be happy, I’m just not and I don’t know why.”

There’s a very simple reason why, and we would all do well to remind ourselves of this daily…


As long as we look for happiness in things around us, achievements, possessions, relationships — ANYTHING outside of ourselves — we will be disappointed. True happiness will never be found.

It really is as simple as going within, and being aware that nothing outside us can or will produce true happiness and we will always be frustrated if we try to make things do that.

So go within today. Just like you have been doing daily for over two weeks now.

Remember Who You Are.

Uncover that deep love that you have for yourself that has been stifled to some degree.

There is a deep well of love within you.

Dig down to it. Drink deeply from the pure, crystal waters of that love.

Inside you is a spring that is ever flowing and never dries up, and it will constantly fill you and quench your thirst for happiness.

And once you are filled with that living water of joy and happiness that springs only from within, you radiate a powerful energy of love to all around you and encourage them to dig down to their own well of pure happiness and loving, living water within. You don’t have to even try, the energy of joy and love naturally radiates out from you, embeds itself in all you say and do, and positively impacts everyone around you.

You rock. You are amazing. You can do this.

Keep doing this simple habit daily — Remember Who You Are.

Make today amazing my friend!