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Day 12 – Discover the power of your eyes.

Today you will hear from the man who taught me the mirror technique, Claude Bristol.

He wrote about it in The Magic Of Believing in 1948. That book is amazing and packed with truths relating to many of the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life®.

Here’s what he said regarding the mirror technique:

“Much has been written about the power of the eyes. The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul; they reveal your thoughts. They express you far more than you imagine. They permit others to “get your number,” as the saying goes.”

However, you will find that once you start this mirror practice your eyes will take on a power that you never realized you could develop; this power will give you that penetrating gaze that causes others to think you are looking into their very souls.” – Claude Bristol

I have modified Claude’s suggested mirror technique in our practice to include statements of love for yourself.

He recommends standing up straight, breathing in deeply 3-4 times, and then telling yourself in your eyes exactly what you want most.

What is your vision for your life, or your desire for this day? He suggests telling yourself that you are going to get it; that you will make it happen.

For example, I would look into my eyes and say, “I’m going to finish writing this book this week.”

For whatever is important to you, if you commit to yourself in the mirror, looking in your eyes, it adds power to your commitment.

Feel free to add some of your commitments to yourself in your morning and evening mirror practice.

Just tell yourself what you want and that you are committed to making it a reality. It has a powerful effect.

But the most important thing is to Remember Who You Are! So don’t stop that practice for anything.

Here’s another thought on the compassion topic from yesterday:

“Once we compassionately accept our own humanness and that of others, we are no longer subject to humiliation, for true humility is a part of greatness.” – David Hawkins

Does this mean that we will never again experience humiliation?

It doesn’t for me. Because I don’t always stay connected to compassion.

But each moment that we compassionately accept our humanness and that of others…in that moment we are free.

Free from humiliation because we are truly humble in that moment.

But what about 5 minutes from now? Or an hour?

How about tomorrow? Are we still in that place of complete compassionate acceptance of ourselves and others?

The reality is the cares of the world will be back to bombard us daily; judgment, comparisons, jealousy, etc. We are not free once and for all from all negative thought and influence just because we were free once.

That is why the daily practice to Remember Who You Are is so essential.

And once per day is not even enough, especially at first when you are reprogramming a lot of negative mental junk that has built up over years.

That’s why you need to reconnect in the mirror at minimum morning and night.

Claude Bristol also had this to say:

“To win you’ve got to stay in the game.” – Claude Bristol

Life is a game that is won or lost every single day.

You don’t just play and win one day and then you’re set for a while.

You’ve got to engage consciously with life every day in order to live the Truly Amazing Life of your birthright.

What we are doing together is creating the habits that get us showing up fully in life as a natural tendency.

Then life becomes magic…especially when you compound all 12 habits of a Truly Amazing Life on top of each other.

Be diligent in your practice today! Remember Who You Are in the mirror at least morning and night.

Make today amazing!