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Day 9 – Miracles happen outside because of thoughts that happen inside.

I find it amazing how much our intentional thoughts of unconditional love improve relationships.

It’s quite miraculous actually.

My logical, physical-world oriented mind tends to think, “My relationships are just better because I am more aware and I’m treating them better.”

But science suggests otherwise.

There is clear evidence now in many scientific studies that show that thoughts are things and they literally affect the object of their intention.

An internet search on ‘scientific studies on thoughts’ will reveal hundreds of studies and articles proving that point.

When we think loving thoughts, not only does it change us, it changes whoever or whatever we think those thoughts toward.

Our relationships improve with others because we have loved them.

Whether they feel it or know it or not, we have improved both our lives by thinking loving thought with pure intent toward ourselves and toward them.

Loving energy given in thought attracts the love and forgiveness in return.

I’ve had many experiences of negative, hateful energy, between me and another person — and just by me working on forgiveness inside of myself, the other person’s disposition changed.

Here’s one example from many years ago:

I had a business partnership that I thought was going well…though I felt a subtle, gnawing feeling inside (which I tried to avoid), that this wasn’t a great relationship for me to stay in.

Our core values were not aligned. We had vastly different approaches to dealing with people and money.

But I stayed in the relationship because it was easier than changing it — and we were making a lot of money.

But then the real estate market plummeted literally overnight, and we found ourselves at risk of losing money.

Without warning our relationship changed.

I received a one line email with no explanation stating that he would no longer be working with me.

Initially I was shocked! Then angry. Then outraged! Then fearful.

The emotional pendulum swung wildly in an instant when I read that email. This was my primary income source and I felt threatened and vulnerable.

Then he ignored me completely. Zero communication.

For over a week I emailed and called with no response.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars hung in the balance…my family’s livelihood was in jeopardy…and adding to that, my ego had been severely stung.

I could not see what had happened.

I could not see anything I had done to hurt my partner. I felt I had been faithful and loyal — I couldn’t understand it. I felt sad, angry, and confused.

Then I turned inward with that one all important sentence, “I’m sorry.”

I looked in the mirror and I searched my heart. I told myself, “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what I did to cause this, but I’m sorry self. Please forgive me.”

I said the same thing to my partner in my thoughts.

And I added, “Help me see where I was wrong. I accept my responsibility in this situation and I want to understand. I believe the meaning of my communication is the response that I get…so I must have done or said something to contribute to this.”

“Please forgive me. Please help me understand. Please know that if I wronged you I want to make it right.

As we humble ourselves and say, “I’m sorry” it always opens our hearts and our eyes — to feel more fully and see more clearly.

In my case, inner forgiveness evaporated the fear, dissolved the anger, and allowed me to understand my partner better.

I wondered if perhaps he thought I wasn’t pulling my weight. I realized he had no way of really knowing about everything I was doing — we worked remotely and rarely saw each other.

As I put myself in his shoes I could see that perhaps he felt I wasn’t doing my as much work as him.

But he probably just hadn’t brought up his concerns, until they erupted all at once in one emotional outburst of harsh treatment.

My anger toward him left.

I felt compassion toward him — even though he was still ignoring me.

My fears about the money disappeared. I felt peace and calm throughout my entire body.

I knew it would all work out.

The energy of love and forgiveness immediately transformed my experience.

I was back in love with life and felt peace inside despite zero external resolution to the intense circumstances.

Can you guess what happened almost immediately after that?

My partner finally responded and agreed to meet with me.

In one meeting tensions were lifted and we were able to wind down the business peacefully after that.

Potential lawsuits were avoided, hate and spite were eliminated, and we are still on friendly terms today.

No matter how hurt we feel inside or how much we feel we have been wrongedwe can always heal the situation within our own self through this simple process of forgiveness.

When we heal ourselves, we heal others as well.

It is miraculous and always amazing!

Love cannot be contained within ourselves. It spreads and touches everyone and everything.

So keep up the consistent practice today! Say, “I’m sorry.Please forgive me.Thank you.I love you.”

Have those inner conversations at least three times and choose a new person each time.

You will change lives.

Make today amazing!