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Day 6 – Don’t miss out on life today!

To wrap up this first week on the habit to Love Unconditionally

…Here are two more examples of how to think toward others to improve everyone’s life with unconditional love:

Unconditional love toward a friend:

I’m sorry __________.”

“I’m sorry for not thinking of you more. I’m sorry for not reaching out to show I care very much lately.”

“I’m sorry for being insensitive to your needs.”

Please forgive me.”

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I’m so grateful to you for dropping in the other day and just showing me you care…especially with everything you have going on.”

Thank you for your kindness.

“Thank you for being such a true friend. For reaching out. For showing up so often when I need help most. For simply loving me and caring about me!

I love you!”

“I’m so grateful for our relationship. I will be a better friend. I hope you feel my love right now. I hope you feel how much you are loved. I will show you so you have no doubt.

It’s really amazing how your world and your heart open up when you spend intentional time thinking these types of loving thoughts toward others.

Give it a shot today!

Think of any one of your friends and go through the four sentences allowing time to expand on each one.

Here’s one final example:

Unconditional love toward a boss, employee, or other business colleague:

I’m sorry I’m not the most organized boss.”

“I’m sorry I don’t communicate amazingly sometimes. I’m sorry that this hampers your ability to make progress in your work. I can imagine this must be frustrating for you.

Please forgive me. I see my part and I will work to improve.”

Thank you for your patience! Thank you for your diligent work. Thank you for your consistency and your flexibility.”

You are a blessing in my life. You handle your duties so well and you do everything with such a cheerful and willing attitude.

“Even though I wish we could move faster and do more…I realize I’m a big part of your hold up when I don’t get you my parts of the work very quickly.”

I love you! Thank you for everything you do.”

I hope those examples this week get the wheels of your mind turning on how you can practice unconditional love in your various relationships.

It all begins in your thoughts.

That’s why this month’s habit to Love Unconditionally is focused on your thought habits.

In the pillar of ‘Give’, we focus on acts of selfless service — which all spring forth out of unconditional love.

But it’s so important to line up our habits of unconditional love thinking first.

Once we do that, love tends to flow out in all that we say and do as a natural byproduct.

Now we will conclude today with an important question:

Did you live life or miss life today?

Dr. Love, Leo Buscaglia said this: “Love is life. If you miss love, you miss life.

Did you miss life today? Did you miss out on life in the last hour? Or the last minute?

Are you living in a state of love?

If not, you are missing out on life.

Love is life.

And to Love Unconditionally means you live life unconditionally!

It means you are alive and vibrant and well no matter what!

No matter the circumstances we can give love.

It is within each of us. Regardless of whether we’ve been betrayed, hurt, slapped in the face, or ignored — it is within each of our power to love anyway.

Unconditional love is not concerned with the outer circumstances or the hateful ways others act out — they are acting that way because of their own internal discord.

Unconditional love is secure in itself.

Connect to the inexhaustible wellspring of love that creates all of life and breathes and lives in everything.

Unconditional love is unwavering…despite all outer circumstances.

When we have unconditional love within — we can then give that love to ALL without pre-condition…

…And life is an amazing miracle and a beautiful gift when lived in that way.

Keep up the daily practice!

Live life fully today.

Repeat these four sentences at least three times with feeling daily: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

And then make it a point to think, “I love you,” toward every person you see or even think of.

Make today amazing!