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Day 4 – The unmistakable signal to change your thoughts

Did you get real with yourself yesterday?

How did it go? Did you feel a deeper connection with yourself?

Did you feel the burden lift as forgiveness cleaned the slate?

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness each day!

Every day we have to learn anew to let go of the rocks we inadvertently pick up.

It just happens somehow…

…It’s like we all wear a backpack and we load it with rocks through our thoughts and actions.

Before long we feel the weight of the world burdening us down!

The habit to Love Unconditionally sheds conscious awareness on this. It’s the habit to check our pack regularly and let go of needless weight.

Forgiveness takes rocks out of our pack and gives them back to the earth where they belong.

Forgiveness frees you from carrying the weight of the world.

If we don’t regularly forgive ourselves – every day, many times per day ideally – we are not loving unconditionally.

We soon find ourselves thinking hateful thoughts to ourselves…and we may not even notice it.

What we do notice is that we feel bad!

We feel low energy.

We feel sad, or bored, or tired, or discouraged, or worn out…

And we often don’t know why!

It’s simple…the reason why is always the same: Our thoughts are not centered in love.

When our thoughts align with love, we feel good!

There’s simply no other option. Unconditional love feels good.

Feeling bad is an unmistakable signal that our thoughts are not loving.

That’s one of the main reasons why this habit we are creating is so incredibly powerful.

When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings.

When you love unconditionally in thought – you experience feelings of love and joy.

We are installing the thought habit to love unconditionally – which replaces any thoughts of fear & hate – and transforms our experience of life.

This is a learning process. We actually need to teach ourselves to Love Unconditionally.

It cannot be taught by outside study.

I can guide you into taking the actions that will lead you to the learning process, but…

…You can only learn to love unconditionally, by loving unconditionally.

So dive in head first every day and keep learning by giving love.

Yesterday we looked at the dialogue of unconditional love directed inward to self.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the dialogue of love directed out toward others.

There’s a reason why we must start with self forgiveness:

It’s impossible to truly love others when we hate ourselves.

When we are disappointed with ourselves we can try to say, “I love you,” to someone else, but the inevitable feeling of hypocrisy blocks the effort.

That’s when love becomes dysfunctional, because it’s not pure love, it’s a facade masquerading as love.

Like the parent who ‘loves’ their child when the child performs well, but is sorely disappointed and withholds love when the child doesn’t ‘measure up’.

Disappointment directed outward can only stem from deep inner disappointment.

Or like the man who ‘loves’ his partner, buys her gifts, and does acts of service…just as long as she gives equally in return. If not, then love is withheld, and pouting ensues until she starts returning his ‘love’.

Withholding love toward others stems from love being withheld from within.

That is conditional love.

That is not pure love.

It is given with expectation and is in fact self-centered.

But it is the only ‘love’ available to us when we don’t love our own self.

When we abide in unconditional love and forgiveness internally – that pure love naturally flows outward.

So start with you. Forgive yourself. Love yourself unconditionally first!

Then it will be natural and effortless to open your heart toward the world and pour out that same mercy, compassion, and tenderness of thought.

Tomorrow we’ll get into some examples of what that outward directed dialogue looks like.

Make today amazing!