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Day 23 – Recommit to love today. It’s worth at least 10 times the price you pay.

I heard from a couple people who have been struggling a bit with the habit to Love Unconditionally this month.

Please don’t give up if that’s you!

I know it can be challenging to remember throughout the day. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and forget to say, “I love you!”

It’s so easy to get consumed in the pressures, stresses, timeliness and duties we face…believe me, I fully understand!

This month I have been challenged with the habit myself — even as I have been creating this training for you!

I faced daily stress with deadlines to get the training completed and published for everyone reading it live.

I ran up against time consuming issues that cropped up in my real estate business.

And to top it off we are preparing to move our family across the country two months from now! Just another level of craziness to throw into the mix!

Feeling too much pressure and deadlines can make it more challenging than normal to turn the focus outward in thoughts of love.

If it has been a bit challenging for you also, just know I believe in you.

I know you can do it!

You can start again today and move forward from wherever you are.

I had to re-commit to the practice this past week and it has already made a huge difference.

The rewards are amazing! It is well worth the commitment.

A fellow reader Leona sent me this email, just after the end of week 3. It’s a great illustration of the rewards this habit offers:

“This month has been a HUGE transformational one for me. Everything seems to have clicked into place.”

My negative thoughts have been so minimal because I’ve been constantly thinking love.

It has filled me to bursting point and I think for the first time ever I have shed those tears of joy you often speak about; an emotionally beautiful month.”

I want this to continue forever! —Leona Murdy

You can have what Leona is experiencing! If you haven’t experienced that yet, don’t stop now.

Leona is among the first group of people who have diligently committed to every single course in this series so far.

This is the 9th month she has committed to developing a different one of 12 Habits of a Truly Amazing Life.

Because she has committed herself to the practice, listened to the daily message each day, and has done her best to take the actions consistently…

…She has experienced multiple huge breakthroughs in her life.

And they keep stacking on top of each other. Life just gets better and better.

That’s what happens when you commit to the small and simple habits of a Truly Amazing Life.

I share that with you to give you hope!

No matter where you are, no matter what you have gone through, no matter how hard it has been for you to listen and follow this month

…None of your time spent reading, listening, or thinking loving thoughts has been in vain.

Every attempt you make to Love Unconditionally produces permanent positive effect.

So just start again today, and keep going.

Leona started nearly a year ago in a place of deep depression and despair.

And now, hearing of the joy she is experiencing, can you see how powerful this simple practice is?

Yes, it took her 9 months to get to the point of shedding tears of joy just by directing her thoughts toward love.

But as she has taken those small, simple steps, she has been building the foundation of a Truly Amazing Life.

And all along the way she has been experiencing peace, joy, hope, enthusiasm, and a greater thrill for life.

Of course, she has experienced low, painful moments on the journey over the last year just like me.

Life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

Nobody feels blissfully happy and joyful all the time! That’s just not reality.

But with daily commitment to these small, simple, habit building actions,

We are all building a Truly Amazing Life, one moment at a time.

A Life filled with joy, fulfillment, and peace.

I believe in you. You are amazing.

Today is the perfect day to forgive yourself fully and completely

…Especially if you feel like this month has been challenging.

Best to let go of the past and not fill your heart with hate…that’s a heavy weight to drag around.

Forgive yourself today, and every day. Then forgive everyone else.

Then go right back to saying, “I love you,” to every person, thing, or event in your life.

Keep it up!

In our final week of focus on this foundational topic, let yourself fully commit to love for the rest of this day and this week.

I love you.

Make today amazing!