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Day 22 – How would it change your life today if God said this to you?

Today let’s talk about another way to view pain from the perspective of unconditional love.

I’m going to invite you to imagine the energy of love that flows through all things as if it were your parent.

There are people from different religions, cultures, and countries from all over the world reading this…I can’t predict your specific beliefs or background…so bear with me a moment.

Maybe you don’t believe in a specific being called God, maybe you do…it doesn’t matter for this exercise.

Think of whatever you believe to be the source of all love in the universe…whether you see it as a being, an energy field…whatever.

I call that source God…don’t get hung up on that if you call it something else.

Now imagine that being or energy source that is constantly seeking your benefit, like a perfectly loving parent, speaking this to you:

“Don’t beat yourself up…please. Please be kind to yourself!”

You are so precious to me. It hurts my heart to see you treating yourself poorly.”

I am so in love with you.”

“You are not a disappointment to me in any way. Can you see that my child?”

“Can you see that I understand your human, physical frailty perfectly and I forgive you infinitely for your weakness?”

“I created you exactly how you are on purpose.”

“Not to see you suffer — but for your fulness of joy.

“I know it’s hard to see and understand completely — but having this contrast and this pain to work though is the process by which you become like me.”

“It is the divinely purifying process.”

So be kind to yourself.

“I love you infinitely and I am watching you closely.”

“I am the one refining you as silver. The heat is removing the dross and I am seeing my reflection in you more clearly with each passing moment.”

“You are beautiful shining silver to me.”

“This wasn’t meant to be easy. Just trust me.”

“Just take one step.”

“Focus on the next step my child.”

“I love you so much more than you can even know. I adore you. I am especially fond of you.

How does that feel to you?

If God said that to you would it change the way you felt about life today?

Would it influence how you treated other people around you?

Unconditional love really does love you and everyone else just like that…always.

That is the nature of the energy of love that surrounds you, which is always available to be plugged into, to heal you and bring you back to peace and joy.

The image of someone refining me as silver has always stuck with me since I first heard the analogy.

Trusting in the truth that image conveys has carried me through fiery, intense pain on many occasions.

Looking back I can clearly see the purification and growth as a result.

For me, that image contains the essence of the foundational belief: Everything is conspiring for your benefit!

Even the heat. Even the pain. Everything.

Purification is painful.

Life can be painful.

Fear of pain can tempt us to not fully live life and stay in our comfort zone!

But embracing the refinement of challenges leads us to more beauty and joy than we can even imagine.

That note was a section from my inner connection journal — the place I have conversations daily with myself and with God.

Imagining you are speaking to the source of all love as a being, makes it easier to put into words what that source feels toward you I think.

As humans, we are all accustomed to having conversations with other people…so regardless of your beliefs about the source of love energy…

…If you can imagine yourself having personal conversations with that source as another being it can be much easier to feel a connection.

This is another application of writing that is very powerful.

If you direct the four sentences toward your soul, or your higher self, or God in writing — it will unlock the door to your heart.

Once that door to love is unlocked, if you write a question like, what’s in your heart for me today?

…What comes out may surprise you!

But after you ask that, write whatever immediately comes to mind without pausing to judge or edit.

I think you will notice a full, emotional connection to unconditional love.

We cover this inner connection process in much more depth in the book ‘Create Your Life’.

Today I recommend focusing on using the four sentences in writing directed toward whatever you imagine to be the source of unconditional love.

Then engage the conversation with an inquiry like, “What would you have me know or do today? Then write whatever comes to mind.

Give it a shot! I think you’ll like what happens.

And remember to keep on practicing loving thought throughout the day.

Make today amazing.