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Day 18 – The amazing healing effect of love on the physical body

Many books have been written about the effect of love on the health of our physical body.

We won’t go into depth here, but it’s important that we touch on the amazingly powerful health benefits that may come from the habit to Love Unconditionally.

The intent today is to increase your awareness and deepen your resolve to live in the state of unconditional love.

Not that feeling amazing, living in joy, and being at peace aren’t sufficient rewards in and of themselves!

But this is one more really strong reason why it’s so life-enhancing to Love Unconditionally:

Our capacity to understand, forgive, and accept is directly linked to our personal health.” – David R. Hawkins

Louise Hay, author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, and many other books on this subject said:

Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” – Louise L. Hay

She teaches throughout her books that just about anything can be healed if we are willing to put in the mental work to love.

She teaches extensively that healing in our bodies can happen by simply loving ourselves in thought and action.

And Ihaleakala Hew Len, the Ho’oponopono teacher and healer, in the book ‘Zero Limits’, shared his experience of bringing healing to severe mental illness in others, by doing the internal work of forgiveness, love and healing within himself.

Through focused thoughts of love and forgiveness — healing happened in his patients.

I know that may sound far-fetched and pretty far out there. Don’t get hung up on it if so…that’s not the main point of this habit for us.

We are focusing on this habit primarily for the sake of living a fully joyful life.

It just so happens that living in unconditional love has the power to heal broken bodies as well as broken spirits.

So today I invite you to open your awareness to the effect that your loving thoughts are having on your own body and on everyone around you.

Love is a healing power.

Love is the essence of all creation and all of life.

When we are connected to that energy source we thrive in every way!

Love energy courses through every cell of our body — blessing it, healing it, and bringing life to everything in its path.

When we cut ourselves off through hatred, spite, envy, jealousy, or any other energies opposing love, we cut ourselves off from that healing, life giving energy.

How do we know that living in unconditional love is benefiting our body in addition to giving us emotional peace and joy?

There have been many studies done on the effects of loving or hateful thoughts in the physical, visible world.

Hew Len’s work and experiences are one amazing example of the power of love to heal.

Another notable example are the studies by Masaru Emoto where he tested the effects of different kinds of thoughts on water.

He outlined the findings of his studies in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Essentially, he found that when loving thoughts were directed toward water, they formed beautifully shaped crystals when the particles were frozen.

When hateful thoughts were directed toward water, they formed into distorted, scrambled crystals that resembled chaos when frozen.

His fascinating studies have far reaching implications.

Considering the fact that our body is made up mostly of water, what damage could you be causing your own body if you think hateful thoughts toward it? Or if you think hateful thoughts toward anything?

Conversely, to what extent are you blessing and healing your body if you think loving thoughts toward it? Or if you simply abide in a state of loving thought toward all things?

In his book, Emoto made the claim that our words and thoughts likely have great impact on the water that composes most of our body.

So, how important is it to you to speak and think love toward your body?

And moreover, loving thoughts don’t only affect water!

Love affects everything.

Whatever we do to promote life will automatically benefit everyone, because we’re all part of life.

Dr. David R. Hawkins once said: We are life. It’s a scientific fact that ‘what is good for you is good for me.’

So today, as you practice love using the four sentences, consider the healing affect your thoughts and words are having.

You are literally healing and blessing the cells in your own body when you love.

When you feel deep peace, calm, and tranquility — the warm glow of living in unconditional love — your body is certain to be reaping massive healing benefits from you in more ways than you can know.

Also, consider the effect the love flowing through you is having on those around you.

You do good for others just by living your life connected to unconditional love.

Thoughts are things.

Love is powerful energy.

We are all literally one…everyone is connected through the life energy of love.

When a part benefits, the whole benefits. So keep on loving unconditionally!

Every loving thought you entertain does good.

Make today amazing.