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Day 17 – A powerful practice for plugging back in…revisited.

Adding to our discussion yesterday on ‘persistently plugging back in to the source’ of unconditional love…

…Let’s talk about one of the best ways to plug back in when it feels like a struggle.For those times when it seems like the cord just won’t quite reach the outlet, try this:


You’ll notice me ‘plugging’ this method of ‘plugging in’ at least three times this month…because it’s a total life changer.

If I didn’t have this tool in my arsenal I would be floundering through life disconnected and unhappy far more often than I am.

In fact, here’s an experience from this morning to illustrate its power:

I was having a hard time looking my wife in the eye.

I’m sure she could sense it. I found myself harboring some negative thoughts toward her, which of course brought negative feelings along as well.

I went for a run in the morning sun, up and down some muddy trails and my body felt invigorated — but my mind stayed heavy,…

…Stuck in the negative loops toward my wife — I couldn’t seem to shake them off.

No peace — in bondage to my thoughts — feeling like a victim of the circumstance.

In that state the mind naturally conjures plans for escaping. Most of the thoughts are completely illogical — but the trapped mind isn’t looking for logic — just a fast solution to immediate pain.

“Why don’t I just leave!”

“Why don’t I just live on my own if she’s so unwilling to live the way I want to live?”

“What?!?No!Total rubbish.Just two days ago I felt madly in love with this woman!”

How could my mind be coming up with such ridiculous non-solutions suddenly?

“Okay…do the practice,” I thought.“I’m sorry.”


No, I am not sorry. She’s at fault here. ‘I’m annoyed’ is a better fit.”

“Aargh! I can’t even get past I’m sorry! This isn’t working. Forget it.”

I tried to avoid it and absorb myself in the book playing in my headphones. But I couldn’t fully enjoy that or the gorgeous morning outside!

At home I meditated, but kept dozing off. The mind fought against presence…just seeking an escape it seemed.

Then came the transformation:

I opened the journal to a blank page and let the ink flow:

“I’m sorry Nan. I’m sorry for harboring negative feelings toward you. I’m sorry for thinking you are stupid because of your responses to our discussions about food.”

Is it true? Are you stupid? No. You are not stupid. I’m sorry for entertaining those thoughts.”

I felt the door to my heart finally cracking open a bit now.

“I can’t help wondering about the stupidity I must feel toward myself deep down. It’s obviously a hot button for me so there’s got to be some insecurity inside me. Do I feel stupid?”

Then the word ‘Yes’ immediately appeared out the tip of the pen as the image of one of my businesses, which I perceived as a major failure, flashed into my mind.

As the ink poured onto the next 3 pages, my heart revealed that I had been calling myself stupid a lot…for a lot of things…mostly unaware until now.

I then asked, “Is it true? Am I stupid?”

The immediate answer: “No!”

Then a bunch of easy-to-believe, true examples of ways I am super smart flowed out onto the pages….and I found my heart opening for a sincere apology…to myself:

“Aaron, I’m sorry for calling you stupid. Please forgive me!”

“I do forgive you.”

“Thank you! I love you. I recommit to loving you right now. I commit to treating you kindly, mercifully, and lovingly in thought and word and action…”

“…Instead of inflicting damage on you through hateful thoughts or slothful actions — distraction, poor food choices, etc — I love you.”

Then my heart was free!

All negativity toward Nan had vanished completely. Turns out it wasn’t about her at all!

It never is by the way

If we don’t feel love toward others it is always rooted within.

Love is 100% secure in itself. Unconditional love doesn’t ever falter toward others regardless of their actions. It is UN-conditional, remember?

The only question is…are we connected to unconditional love?

If we don’t feel love flowing out of us…we must be disconnected from the source of love within.

After that, a sincere apology toward Nan flowed out of the pen naturally and effortlessly…

…Along with even greater gratitude for the amazing woman who completes me so perfectly.

“Nan, I’m sorry for projecting internal spite outward on you.”

“I love you! You have committed yourself to me forever. Wow! What greater honor could anyone give another?”

“I’m sorry for being a source of stress more than a support to you so often lately. Thank you for patiently loving me anyway.”

“Please forgive me. I love you!”

And that’s how my life and my heart was transformed again this morning…

…From selfish spite, to unconditional love.

The pen is more powerful than it appears!

A simple pen can excavate a path to your soul, shovel out the garbage clogging the halls of your heart, and free you from internal bondage fast.

It freed me to be able to walk out of my office and give Nan a sincere kiss with pure loving energy right then and there.

Writing can break down internal barriers to love where thinking alone cannot.

Your pen and a paper can be your own personal on-call counselor… only infinitely less costly and always available on your schedule!

So when your cord just won’t quite reach the outlet — and disconnection pains your soul…

…Just grab your pen and write, “I’m sorry,” — you’ll quickly be back on a roll.

Make today amazing!