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Day 16 – Persistently plug yourself back in to the source

Yesterday we talked about connecting to our inner source of love.

Here’s one way to imagine yourself connecting:

Everyone knows a car needs to be filled up with gas to run properly.

In the same way our heart needs to be filled with love to be fully alive and functioning properly. We need that vital life source constantly in order to be living in joy.

And how do we fill up our love tank?

Ironically, by giving love…that’s the only way. And, we can give love to others and to ourselves…both are extremely important.

This Ho’oponopono practice of turning our thoughts toward love, forgiveness, and gratitude is an act of giving love that will always fill up your tank and re-connect you to the source.

So picture yourself filling up your love tank through forgiveness if that image works for you.

Another way I like even better is this:Imagine plugging yourself in to a power outlet — the source of love energy.

Think of yourself physically connected to love.

Most modern houses are connected to a source of electrical power. The source is always present and energy is always available for all the appliances in the house.

As long as we stay connected there is power, light, and life throughout the house.

If we need light in a room…we just flip on a light switch connected to the source. Energy flows and light glows.

Same with love.

When we are plugged in, love flows through us.

We plug in through forgiveness. Through the act of giving and expressing unconditional love we automatically reconnect to the infinite source of love.

In fact, we cannot give true love without being connected ourselves to that ever present source of love energy.

The very moment we express a sincere, “I’m sorry,”we are plugging our power cord into the socket of the source of love.

The key to living in the joyful state of love is to stay plugged in!

For me it’s so easy to get distracted by meaningless or selfish things.One moment I feel amazing, focused, and happy.Then, “Hey look at that squirrel!”

I dash out to chase after whatever shiny object I allowed into my world to steal my attention and I pull the plug right out of the socket as I go.

Conversely, when I’m true to me — and true to love — I stay focused on the priority; giving my entire heart to the present moment, the present task, living fully in the flow, fully plugged in, fully charged with life.

It’s amazing to live life connected to the source of love.

And we absolutely can stay plugged in regardless of whatever we’re doing…

…Eating, working, exercising, interacting with others.

Staying plugged in to love just requires staying present to the here and now.

As we allow our thoughts to drift off into regrets of the past, or worries & anxieties over the future, it’s like we sleep walk away from the power outlet and we’re quickly unplugged.

This month we are working on a process of awareness and plugging back in constantly throughout each day.

The nature of this world is to constantly pull us away from our source through a myriad of endless distraction.

The minute you say, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” You are cutting ties with all of that distraction and taking a stand in the here and now — the present moment of love!

Be aware today.

Notice when your cord gets pulled from the socket. The way to tell is that you don’t feel good.

When you don’t feel good…plug yourself back in!

Do whatever it takes.

Start with, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Toward yourself and toward everyone else in your life.

Don’t make life harder on yourself than it needs to be.Stay plugged in and life is joy.

Each time you get unplugged, persistently plug yourself back in to the source.

Plug in through giving forgiveness…the pure energy of love.

Make today amazing!