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Day 15 – Who deserves to feel deeply loved?

Tonight Nan and I witnessed one of our amazing daughters absolutely glowing in the feeling of being loved.

She had been beaming all day long because it was her special day…and by bedtime she was glowing.

She turns nine in two days from this writing and all day she was giddy with excitement about the elaborate party she had been helping plan for her friends.

In the evening she expressed gratitude and gave big hugs to both Nan and me multiple timesclearly her love bucket was brimming over.

Nan commented on how good it felt to see her feeling so loved and so happy, then said, “Every child deserves to experience feeling that loved!”

I fully agreed.

And then I couldn’t shake the thought…

… “We are all children. We all deserve to feel that loved.”

But do we feel that loved?

How often are we feeling giddy with gratitude?

Do we go to bed each night with our love cup spilling out and splashing all over everyone in our path?

I know the answer is not always ‘yes’ to that last question.

Sometimes it is! It feels wonderful! That is when we are fully alive!

To live in love is to live a Truly Amazing Life.

But sometimes, sadly, all of us experience the hollow, empty heart, running on just the fumes of love and missing that full feeling of natural joy.

That is exactly why we need this simple practice we’ve been doing together this month.

Interestingly, why was our daughter feeling so loved?

Of course she had received a lot of attention and compliments…that certainly helped!

But that’s not the entire picture.

She put so much love into preparing that party for her friends.

She was so consumed in creating happiness for others all day that she even commented as we tucked her in, “I don’t know when I’m even going to be able to use all those gifts…it would have been great with me if I only got a couple.”

Melted my heart!

That little girl is so precious. Completely full of gratitude, more interested in giving than receiving, and it’s all just so perfectly natural for her.

But it is clear that her cup spilled over largely because she was serving others all day long.

I can clearly contrast that to some of my own birthday parties. I remember brooding and sulking in a post-gift-opening-let-down, even though I had been lavished with attention!

What was the difference?

My main focus for the day was how much ‘stuff’ I was going to get. I wasn’t thinking about others much at all! And of course…

‘Stuff’ never satisfies. It’s not what we need.

A wise person once told me, You can never get enough of what you don’t need. (I wish I remember who that wise person was!)

When we keep getting what we don’t really need, we are permanently unsatisfied.

What we need is love.

Love always satisfies completely and is always enough.

We get love by giving love…that’s the only way.

That’s why my daughter was beaming with joy.

And so I come back to the thought I could not shake…

…“We are all children. We all deserve to feel that loved.

Maybe you are an ‘adult’ as earthly things go…but in the universal picture we are all childish, naive, and innocent.

We know and see so little really.

We cannot even fathom how limited our knowledge is, and how deeply loved we are by the source of our creation.

We all deserve to feel that deep love and amazing joy my daughter felt each and every day!

Put yourself in a God’s shoes for a minute…if you saw a bunch of your children suffering, disconnected from your love, and feeling depressed or unhappy, how would you feel?

On the other hand, if we know how to love enough that it brings us joy to see our children feeling loved…

…Then would not the source of our creation, the source of all love, feel the same or greater joy to see us feeling loved?

And here’s the thing…

We don’t need others to give us anything or do anything for us to feel loved!

That is a great fallacy that is so easy for us to fall into when our minds are in the ‘victim’ mode of, “Nobody loves me!”

Feeling deeply loved comes from connecting to the internal source of love.

Nobody else can do that for us! It is up to us alone to connect to our source of love.

The way to connect to love is to give love.

And each of us can do that right now this very instant! Simply express in your thoughts, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

That is giving love to someone…either you or someone else!

Sure, it’s wonderful to have those special days where friends and family honor us, and we feel an outpouring of love from others.

But let’s not deprive ourselves this very day of feeling deeply loved and living in the joy of our birthright.

We exist for one purpose: Joy.

Joy starts and ends with love.

Make today amazing!