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Day 13 – A quick little trick for the mind that feels sick

How are you feeling today?

How is this going for you so far?

Are you happy with how you have focused more on love for the past two weeks?

Or are you discouraged at all because it has been harder to remember than you’d like?

Either way is OK. Remember, this is un-conditional love. Let’s love ourselves regardless.

If you feel at all disappointed in yourself for not being as committed or as dedicated to this daily practice as you had hoped…

Now is the perfect time to just pause and tell yourself, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

If you feel you’ve been complacent, is there perhaps a bit of guilt that I keep talking about how important this daily practice is, but you’re not fully feeling it?

If so, use the four sentences on that! Use them toward yourself, toward me, or toward anyone you feel any discord with.

All is well!

You are here. You are present right now.

Express love and be grateful for that.

Free yourself with forgiveness for everything and to everyone.

Forgiveness brings love and love is life.

Khalil Gibran said, Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

What good is the tree without blossoms or fruit?

What good is life without love?

Life without love is not life at all. Just like a tree without blossoms is dead.

But we’ve all experienced the zombie life before haven’t we? We’ve all tromped around as the walking dead at some point…trudging through existence cut off from love.

And what did that feel like?

Do you remember?

Here’s some of what I remember from my escapades in zombie-land: Hollow. Painful. Anxious. Grasping. Dark. Despairing. Deep sadness. Eating but never full. Drinking but never satisfied. Distracted but never distracted enough…always seeking, never finding.

Running and running and running away. Running away from what?

From the emptiness inside. From the fear of the void within.

When we disconnect from our source of life — which is love — we are dead to life at that point.

And that feels horrible!

Maybe we can relate to those people who have taken their own life. I don’t know for sure, but maybe it feels so painful to be walking around dead…cut off from life and love…

…That perhaps the only solution when it gets so extreme for a tormented mind is to die to end the pain of being physically alive but spiritually dead. It’s a torturous state. If you’ve been down the depression path very far at all then you know well.

Let’s not live the dead life!

We can come back to love right now today. No matter what has happened.

Even when we get disconnected. Even when we stumble — and we will!

The life of growth and fulfillment is often a rocky climb to majestic peaks.

It’s not an endless stroll on smooth, sandy beaches…though we certainly enjoy those moments when they are right.

But next time when we stumble — and we forget to love and falter — let’s let this habit bring us back faster than before. Just say those four sentences, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me! Thank you! I love you.”

They will always open the door to love again fast.

We are never far from the grace of unconditional love.

But here’s one trick that works really great if you feel stuck in your mind: Write down those four sentences…over and over over.

Write them dozens of times if you need to!

Sometimes, when we’re in a heavy battle with negative thoughts, the mind is not strong enough alone.

Sometimes we need to enlist our powerful body.

By getting your body in motion you can reign your mind in and snap it out of negative places. Writing those four sentences with paper and pen helps you physically focus your mind back toward love.

Maybe it will take some persistence if you’re feeling really low…but you will feel a shift soon.

So if you feel stuck, or abandoned by yourself, or lost, or anything other than amazing…just keep repeating those four sentences!

Your heart will open to love again soon. It has to.

And remember the positive thinking secret: “Everything is conspiring for your benefit.

Even this…whatever this is. Good or bad. Positive or negative. It’s all happening for your greater good somehow.

You get to decide that you know! Your beliefs are your reality.

So remember to repeat that powerful belief too. Add that affirmation to the mix with these four sentences and you will be unstoppable.

We’ll take a break from the daily training tomorrow but keep up the daily practice!

Make today amazing!