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Day 12 – The butterfly: A beautiful symbol of the transformative power of love.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything” – Rumi

Yesterday I said you are like a butterfly emerging — changed from the inside into pure beauty as you are filled with unconditional love.

The butterfly is a great analogy for unconditional love for many reasons.

This month we are deepening the habit to Love Unconditionally.

How specifically do we Love Unconditionally?

We forgive.

It’s that simple. Forgiveness is the root of this habit.

We are cultivating the habit to forgive ourselves and all others.

Until we can forgive, we cannot truly be at peace.

But when we do forgive, not only do we experience amazing peace — but we bring about transformation and peace in the world.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are powerful energy that affect more than just ourselves.

Giving love affects everything and everyone.

It’s like the butterfly effect which explains how small, seemingly insignificant changes have far reaching effects and impact on much larger things.

The analogy used there is that a butterfly fluttering its wings in Rio De Janeiro could change the weather in Chicago.

The reality is we are all connected as a species. When love is given, even to oneself, it is given to whole of humanity and all of life and it blesses everything.

Just as a butterfly transforms from a crawling caterpillar to a colorful flying beauty…

…Practicing unconditional love will transform you from crawling in the dust suffering in life, to a beautiful wind-on-your-wings flight through life’s clouds of peace and joy…even amidst storms.

And then…as you fly, each time you flap your wing…you spread love. This positively impacts all other life throughout the entire universe.

I don’t claim to fully understand that…but I believe that’s how it works.

The energy of love and thought is not contained to what you can see, or even to this earth — love encompasses all, creates all, and breathes life into all things everywhere.

Love is a vibration and energy that surrounds and connects everything.

When we align with it, and allow it to flow through us, we then are part of its positive impact on all things.

We are the conduit for amazingness when we align with it…or we can block ourselves off and stop the flow.

The choice is ours alone.

Love is a much bigger choice than just choosing to feel good or do good for those around us.

The choice to Love Unconditionally impacts everyone and everything, whether we ever see how or not.

As Rumi so accurately pointed out — love is the connector and bridge between literally everything.

Our thoughts, words, and actions in love can never have zero impact.

It is in love that we connect meaningfully to everything we could ever truly want.

We each have dozens, if not hundreds of opportunities to forgive each day. If you doubt that, open your heart to the thoughts and conversations inside.

Open your eyes to the actions you take or the actions you could have taken but did not! Actions of service toward others. Actions of focus on your priority and on things that truly matter…or not.

Open your heart to a willingness to say, “I’m sorry.” Even if you don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong.

The humility behind those words will open the doors to unconditional love pouring into your life and carrying you up to beautiful heights…

…As you transform into the dazzling, beautiful, graceful butterfly…with every movement in compassionate love.

I see you transforming! Stick with it. Renew your daily reminders to yourself to get into love mode at least three times!

Don’t let yourself slip and become complacent with this practice — we are nearly half way through the month.

With a consistent focus, a few times per day, I know your heart will keep opening wider and it will change like the caterpillar in beautiful ways.

Keep it up!

Make today amazing!