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Day 11 – What about those days when you are just ‘off’

What about those days when something throws you off track right when you wake up…and you just can’t ever seem to get back on again — despite your best efforts?!

Just not feeling the love!

One distraction after another, and soon the entire day is gone and you don’t know how it slipped away.

Where did it go?

Did not start the day meditating. Did not move your body, appreciate, write, prioritize…


Then all day consumed and sucked in by one distraction after another.

“I just need to finish this one thing…then I’ll get back on track!” You think. Then the day of work is gone. Lost forever.

That happens to me some days.

I’m always best when I start with meditation, prayer, gratitude, and movement…

…And then move straight into writing — my number one work priority — with no distractions.

But what about when I fail to start any of those priorities?

What if I allow myself to start the day checking emails and then the entire day I get lost in minutiae for hours on end?

By the end I feel frazzled. That’s not living in unconditional love. That’s not a joy-filled life.

In fact, I notice an array of hate-filled thoughts bubbling up and assailing me.

“What an epic failure today. You’re a failure. How are you ever going to accomplish your mission if you can’t even focus for one day?”

Lots of other negative junk…

“You didn’t do a good job today. I’m disappointed in you. I’m ashamed of you.”

Notice the conditions placed on whether or not I will love myself?

Seems if I fall below a certain standard in my mind, hateful thought weeds start popping up all over.

Then I feel terrible. Heavy. Confined. Messy.

There’s only one way out: Forgiveness. I must return to unconditional love. It’s the only way to clear out the weeds.

I go to the mirror and look in my eyes.

I see pain. I see remorse.

I say I’m sorry to myself. Tears start to flow.

Then lists of people start flooding my mind…so many people I’m letting down.

I’m sorry to all of you: My children, my wife, every single person in the world who is suffering who I could be helping if I wasn’t allowing myself to be distracted and wasting time.

It feels heavy. I know the good that can be done. And I know I am letting us all down when I waste the precious moments of life I’ve been given…because we are all connected.

Life is such a gift…every moment is precious.

I’m so sorry…for everything. Now on my knees. The tears pouring out, teeth clenched, face contorted.

It’s OK. Let it out. This is the process. This is the only way to freedom.

Must feel remorse. Must ask forgiveness of my self…of God…of all of you.

There’s no other way.

Miraculously, forgiveness comes.

Miraculously I can say, “Thank you.” And actually feel sincere gratitude, because I know I’m forgiven and I know I have been given another chance.

The amazing grace of life!

I don’t understand it.

Somehow I can forgive myself. Somehow God forgives me. Somehow others forgive me.

That’s the beautiful, amazing power of unconditional love and mercy. I did nothing to deserve it yet this mercy and compassion always surrounds me. It surrounds us all.

All we need to do is ask.

Our higher self is bursting at the seams of its soul with compassion and mercy and forgiveness and tenderness. It is so amazing!

(Do souls have seams? Maybe not…whatever! 🙂

It is so humbling.

I am weak. But I’m also free. Freedom through forgiveness.

Thank you God! Thank you Self. Thank you life! I will do my best to be true to myself in the future…but that’s not what really matters is it?

What matters is I’m here now. I’m back. And I know I will just keep coming back to unconditional love and forgiveness….

…Because that is a Truly Amazing Life.

Let’s keep up this daily practice: Love Unconditionally!

I know with certainty if we persist long enough at these small personal actions, we will transform from the inside out.

We will be like a butterfly. We will emerge from this month of internal work as a new and beautiful creature — unconditional love radiating out from within.


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Make today amazing!