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Give – Day 3 – How happy do you want to be?

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schweitzer

How did it go writing down your list of people to serve yesterday? Did you do it?

If not, stop and do it right now!

Get out some paper and just write down a list of people you want to serve this month…I’ll wait.

Good job. Having a written list will REALLY HELP open your mind to the needs of those you love.

People easily get overlooked if you leave them buried in your mind to be whipped around and flung by the vortex of your ever swirling thoughts into some remote memory slot to be forgotten about.

Getting people’s names down on paper brings them front and center to your awarenesswhere they belong!

Now…how are you feeling?

Hopefully great, but if not…remember this: it’s hard to stay feeling bad about ourselves when we’re caught up in serving others.

Service is the most certain pathway to the feeling of happiness and peace I’m aware of.

If you’re not feeling happy, serve someone.

Think of just one way you can help someone and do it. I guarantee it will open your heart to the loving energy we all crave in life.

Then once you do that, the only question is…how happy do you want to be?

You certainly don’t need to stop at ONE act of selfless service each day.

Our goal this month is to deepen the habit of selfless service – and we are doing this by writing down one act of service per day and doing it.

But don’t let that stop you from doing more…you can serve people to your heart’s content!

Perhaps you are already living a service focused life and you feel extremely happy & fulfilled – FANTASTIC!

This month, the practice of deliberately thinking and planning service in writing each day will only enhance that.

Again…how happy do you want to be? Just because you’re thrilled with life, doesn’t mean you can’t be more thrilled! 😉

And the even better question is – how much happiness do you want to spread?

Every kind act of service you do is like taking your torch and lighting someone else’s.

They will feel like lighting other’s torches because they feel how good it feels.

By serving one person you are spreading light in the world – literally making the world brighter, happier, and more peaceful for everyone.

So feel free to get on a selfless service roll and keep on going!

However, if you are struggling (like me some days), to even pull your thoughts out of your own trials and challenges long enough to write down one act of kindness for someone, be gentle on yourself.

I know all too well what it feels like to be consumed in feelings of low self-worth and self-criticism.

In that state it’s hard to believe we could even do anything good for anyone.

And sometimes we can’t even see how we have even one minute to spare.

I’ll be completely open and tell you I’m feeling that way right at this moment.

I’ve been challenged lately to keep up with all of my commitments and it wears against my self-confidence.

As I write this my sweet wife is tucking in my four children and I’m feeling discouraged about not being the fully present, loving father I want to be.

But I am behind in all my work and now I have deadlines approaching – so I keep moving forward.

And even though what I’m doing is definitely service, and it is done in that spirit…

I don’t consider it ‘selfless service’ because it’s my business.

Selfless service is: Doing something good for someone without any expectation of reward or repayment.

Doing your work in a spirit of service is very fulfilling – but the ultimate fulfillment in life is giving with zero thought of reward.

That is our goal this month.

And I haven’t done that yet today, and it’s already evening.

And quite honestly I don’t feel all that great.

If you can relate to this, let’s just try this: Stop again with me right now and let’s write down one thing we can do in the next 2 minutes to serve someone selflessly.

Let it be as simple as a kind text message to someone we love

Or a thoughtful handwritten note we can mail later…

If we have a few more minutes, a quick phone call to check in with a friend…just to let them know we’re thinking of them.

Doesn’t matter how small it is at this point, let’s just review our list of people, write down one thing to do…and do it right now!

Okay, Go!

Really…stop reading or pause this right now and take action with me.

Alright, did you do it?

I did…and it felt good.Definitely lightened my heart.I just sent a couple messages to friends I haven’t checked in on in way too long.

Don’t make selfless service more complicated than it needs to be.

You can get into the habit simply – just one small act and writing it each day will do it.

Remember… “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

Make Today Amazing!