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Give – Day 27 – 15 Keys to experiencing the true fulfillment of living a life of service

I hope this month of focus on service has increased your awareness of others and the love flowing through you daily.

Let’s recap the 15 key principles we covered together over the weeks – hopefully this recap will help you take these principles forth in your daily life going forward:

1 – True fulfillment is only found in service to others

2 – The simple habit of writing about your service is an anchor

– It consciously raises your awareness of service each day.

– It keeps you from being carried off in the stormy sea of selfishness, distraction, overwhelm, and lack of fulfillment.

– The 12 pillars on the posters are the lighthouses to guide you back to harbor when your anchor loses hold.

– Keep re-setting the anchor and shedding the light of awareness on your life through writing.

– There is peace and stability in getting your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper regularly.

3 – Create a simple system with your writing – so it can be a consistent tool.

– Create a service section in your journal.

– Keep a list of people you can serve and update it periodically.

– Write a simple plan to serve today and write your feelings about the service you are doing.

All of this increases awareness which increases action and fulfillment

4 – Here’s a list of 91 Simple Selfless Service Ideas

– Keep this list printed at the front of the service section of your journal for quick idea reminders of ways to serve.

5 – Be still and listen to your inner voice

– Write the thoughts that come to mind of the needs of those around you. Then take action.

6 – Serving children is one of the most important selfless acts

– Don’t let the routine and challenges of parenting hide the beautiful opportunity for meaningful service from the heart that may be right in front of you.

7 – Do some anonymous service – perhaps the truest form of selfless service.

– And what’s the easiest way to do this right now? By thinking thoughts of love toward others.

– All anonymous acts of service are wonderful…

…but don’t forget that your thoughts are a powerful army – always standing ready to serve – and you can deploy them in any moment of any day.

– Thoughts of love to others do indeed bless their life.

8 – Don’t make service harder than it needs to be

– It’s the love you do things with that matters.

– Just listening to someone, writing a ‘thank you’ note, a call to a friend, a loving neck massage, a few minutes of loving play with a child.

Small acts of kindness done regularly are more impactful than big acts of kindness rarely done.

9 – Press through the challenges of selfless service

– Too little inspiration, wondering what people will think, too little time, not enough energy, or being physically incapacitated.

– You will face different challenges throughout life – but there is always a way to serve.

Service is and will always be vitally important to your life.

– Just work from where you are, and if all you can give is a smile or a loving thought – keep giving it!

10 – Our motives matter

– Let’s live each day out of love for others – rather than a focus on improving our own self only.

We need to take care of ourselves – but if our motives deep down are love for others, then life will be truly fulfilling.

11 – You can experience the treasure of heaven TODAY

– By making loving service your primary motive in life you will experience life’s deepest joy of true fulfillment. That is heaven.

12 – Love is a healing power

– Whether it’s the tiny little daily acts or the outpouring of love in drastic times – your love is always a healing agent to those around you.

13 – Make sure you still love and care for yourself

– Service may backfire if you don’t care for yourself also.

– If you don’t love yourself – you disconnect from the wellspring of love in your soul. You can’t share love you don’t have.

– In that state, service can feel like it is sucking life out instead of pumping life in to you.

14 – Receiving is also an act of loving selfless service

– You are giving a gift to others by thankfully receiving of their acts of service.

– Be aware of how you are receiving and use it as another way to bless other’s lives.

15 – Make service the meaning of your life – in every area of life

– Don’t live out of loving service at home, but only duty while at work – or vice versa.

– Decide now to live every area of your life from a motive of love & service – only then will you be truly fulfilled in life.

Thank you for your goodness!

Thank you for joining me in the mission to help each other live a Truly Amazing Life.

I’m honored that you have gone through this entire training and I hope it has served you.

Keep serving. Keep loving. And of course…

…Make Today Amazing!