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Give – Day 19 – The way we serve matters more than the act itself

“It is tested and proven that when we make service our biggest agenda in life, it eliminates fear, brings focus to our mind, purposefulness in action and long-term joy.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

My sister Ashley told me that just the other day she went with her family to help another family pack up their house for a move.

She expressed how much fun they had doing it!

Indeed service is often quite fun…

Many times the hardest part of helping others is just getting off the comfortable couch and into motion!

When they were leaving the neighbor’s house after the packing was complete, the mother of the home said to Ashley, “The best thing you did for me today was when you walked in and gave me a big hug.

A lot of times people’s greatest needs are below the surface.

The need for love, emotional caring, and compassion often far exceeds the needs for physical help…but we can’t easily see those needs with our eyes.

So it’s good to remember that the emotional needs are almost always the bigger needs.

In order to serve those needs, we just need to be kind, thoughtful, and aware.

In fact, can you recall a time when you or someone know has gone about doing service while complaining or doing the whole thing grudgingly?

That changes the whole experience for everyone doesn’t it?

Maybe the physical need was taken care of…and in its wake, an emotional wrecking ball came in and smashed the fragile heart that was barely hanging on.

The way we serve is more important than the fact that we serve.

So today, let’s be a little more aware of the underlying needs of others.

In everything we do we can smile a little more, and be a bit more kind and thoughtful today.

Expressing love in this way is the truest form of service.

True service is love.

What we do is not the important thing – it’s the love we do it with that matters.

In fact, without love we can’t really serve anyone.

Now, here’s an idea I loved which was shared by one TAL Family member Angela.

She mentioned that her life was in a state of flux, lots of major changes one right after another.

She got so caught up in just coping with life that she would forget to write and think about selfless service.

She said, “I do it all the time; I’m a giving person by nature, but there is more benefit when we plan it, and pay attention to it, and reflect on it.”

What she did then I thought was brilliant…

…She committed to making a photo album on her phone, of her selfless service each day.

I loved the creativity and commitment to finding a way to keep the awareness high.

I still think a quick daily check-in in writing is the most ideal – because of the inspiration that comes as we plan.

But any way you can raise your awareness toward opportunities for kindness, love, and selflessness is a wonderful thing.

Angela’s first photo was a picture of the parking spot on the front row at the store which she left open for someone else – just one more simple way to selflessly serve!

(I don’t know that I would ever have thought of that…I’m inspired by your examples)

And one more important point today:

CELEBRATE your awesomeness!

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been writing every day or planning consistently about service this month.

Celebration, NOT condemnation, brings transformation.

Praising the good empowers you.

The majority of people I’ve heard from so far have expressed that writing daily has been challenging.

Yet in every case you are serving others daily, which is awesome.

It’s so easy to focus on our shortcomings, and it’s GREAT to be striving for improvement and good habits.

But we would all do well to take inventory of how much good we are doing all the time!

So today, I encourage you to take just a few minutes write out 20 or 30 things you can remember doing to serve others selflessly.

Include every little thing you can think of…

– Smiling to people,

– Kind gestures you made,

– Loving thoughts and actions you did.

– Write the specifics of the little things you do around the house to help that have become so common that you may forget that you even do them!

I predict you will feel a deeper love in your heart for yourself.

I predict forgiveness and a feeling of self-approval that will lift your soul…

…Because you are a loving soul.

When you remember that, by calling your own attention to your own loving actions…this will only enhance your love.

One proof of your loving nature is that you are reading this right now.

Nobody would take this training if they didn’t care deeply about others.

I’m truly grateful to be associated with you! Focus more on your positive traits .

Make Today Amazing!