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Give – Day 18 – A simple system for consistency

How are you doing? What’s your experience so far with Selfless Service?

Do you ever feel crunched for time some days? If so…

Here are 7 selfless service ideas that take 5 Minutes or less:

  1. Introduce a friend to someone they would benefit from knowing
  2. Invite someone over for dinner on a future day
  3. Write someone in your family a secret note – just to say “thank you” or “I love you”.
  4. Hide notes of love or encouragement in your spouse or child’s lunch or their coat, shoes or other place they will find it during the day.
  5. Be kind to someone you have a difficult time liking by going out of your way to say hi and ask how they are doing.
  6. Send an anonymous donation to a neighbor or community member who is struggling financially.
  7. Send a text message to a friend you haven’t connected with in too long – tell them you’re thinking of them and what you love about them.

Time is really never the reason we don’t serve others out of love…it’s always a matter of priority.

Selfless service starts with an attitude and a direction of the heart.

There are opportunities all around us all the time.

It can be as simple as a smile

Or genuinely listening to the person who shows up right in front of you – without being preoccupied with your own agenda in your head.

I hope you are finding yourself naturally serving more consistently…keep it up!

Now, just a quick follow up on the discussion from 3 days ago on the importance of writing…

I go in depth on journaling and writing strategies in the next pillar of CREATE – but I’ll give you a super brief overview to help you get started right.

It’s important to have specific places to write for specific topics.


It enables you to dive deeper in each area and allows you to easily locate your notes for review. It gives you clear compartments to work in.

With our topic this month, we want one page to list the people in our life in one place for easy reference.

Then we want to have pages behind it to write our ideas, our results, and importantly – our feelings.

But this is just one thing we will want to write about in journals…

In the Create Pillar we’ll also discuss inner voice writing, creative writing, dreaming, & vision writing among others.

So, you could lug around a bunch of different journals in order to have a clear space for each regular writing topic…


Here’s how I set up my journal system for consistency and habit success:

To simplify the ‘multiple journal’ issue I use just ONE 3-Ring Binder as my only journal.

I load one binder with lined paper and separate it with divider tabs for my different journal sections.

One tab is specifically for Service and Compliments, for example.

I use this tab for the 2 pillars that are completely ‘others’ focused – GIVE & EMPOWER – that’s where I write my experience and thoughts on the habits of ‘Serve’ and ‘Listen’.

That way I only need to go to one place for all my personal writing.

Plus my one journal easily travels with me anywhere.

And at the very front of the binder, I keep my weekly habit tracking sheet to help keep myself on track.

(Here’s the tracker tool again for you)

When my journal gets full, I remove some sheets and place them in an archive binder on my shelf.

Maybe you need to customize this system to feel just right for you…but regardless of how you do it…

…A system for consistency is extremely valuable.

One final benefit of the 3-Ring Binder system is it allows easy scanning of a whole stack of pages into a digital backup on the computer.

With bound paper journals this would be a tedious process of copying one page at a time.

But your personal journals are priceless possessions – you will be glad you preserved them.

Some may ask…why not just use a computer to journal?

I did that for about 4 years actually…and that’s fine if that is your strong preference or if writing with a pen doesn’t work for you for some reason…

Any method of journaling that you actually do regularly will benefit you.

But there is something uniquely powerful about writing by hand if you are able…

…It engages the mind and body more completely.

Also, there are less distractions.

There’s something serene about sitting in a comfortable chair, just you and your thoughts, disconnected from the internet, with a pen and a blank white sheet of paper.

There’s a fresh feeling to opening up a clean slate and starting anew each day.

The computer just doesn’t quite evoke the same emotions.

So that’s what I’ve found as the best practice for the writing aspect of selfless service.

Having a journal system that works for you is key to creating consistency in life…

…Which is essential to establishing this habit of Selfless Service as well as all the other habits of a Truly Amazing Life.

Make Today Amazing!