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Give – Day 11 – How hard should the habit of selfless service be?

How are you doing so far at improving your habit of selfless service?

Are you doing at least one loving act each day and writing about it?

I hope you are enjoying the process – even though sometimes I know it can be challenging.

Selfless service can be one of the harder habits to get in motion on sometimes. If that’s true for you, let’s talk about it. Does it feel harder than it needs to?

The quickest solution to that is ACTION!

I gave you a list of items on Day 8 that take ONE minute or less.

Those count you know!!

Selfless service is selfless service no matter the time involved.

Every selfless act you do is worthwhile…just jump into the easiest fastest thing to get moving.

Getting the habit of Selfless Service doesn’t require you to do some extraordinarily huge service project for someone each day (though that’s wonderful if you do that of course!)

Don’t let the desire to do something bighold you back from doing something.

Yesterday I hadn’t written anything down in my service journal yet for the day and it was 5:30 PM.

Then I just looked around me at the closest people to me…my family.

If we look around us there are inevitably going to be people to serve…we don’t have to look far.

I made the decision to stop working right then….even though I still had plenty to do (like always), and go make dinner for the family.

I wrote it down and then acted.

The result was this: Immediately I felt lighter and happier – and I knew it was the best possible use of my time in that moment. It felt really good.

Sure I could have kept working and easily justified that!

But I have to ask myself: “Do I want to justify working all the time or do I want to be truly happy?”

It takes conscious focus and effort to get into service mode sometimes.

I felt so much better about myself with just that simple act of having most of dinner prepared for my wife Nan before she got upstairs.

I know it means a lot to her. It’s a heavy load preparing the vast majority of meals for the family.

To see and feel the sigh of relief in the way she carried herself felt good.

It improved my state, as well as hers.

It led to a wonderful evening of connectedness with the family, that could have easily been a rushed, frustrated evening had I decided to do ‘just one more thing’ for work instead.

(I know that experience all too well – the result is never as good as what happened yesterday.)

Service focus doesn’t have to be complex.

You don’t have to go farther than your own home to develop the habit of selfless service.

Today, don’t make it more complex than it needs to be.

Clean something, do the dishes, make a meal.

Or if you’re the one who nearly always does those things, change it up!

What about a simple back rub for your spouse or child, or something else you know they love but don’t experience all that often?

Or if you’re single, just look around – neighbors, family, or friends – who is closest by that you could do something to serve?

Don’t let complexity get in your way…anything done selflessly will suffice.

Literally, start today with the easiest thing you can think of to do selfless service.

Here are 8 service ideas that take 15 minutes or less:

1. Listen intently to someone – really seek to hear them without interjecting to speak your mind.

2. Write someone a physical note of gratitude or a sincere compliment – mail it or give it to them in person (not via email). Become a note giver.

3. Call a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hi.

4. Give someone a neck rub or back massage

5. Play catch or a short game with a child

6. Send someone a completely anonymous note (no return address) in the mail listing qualities you admire in him or her.

7. Comment on a blog where someone is making an effort to help people.

8. Invite everyone in your house to go through their books for just 10 minutes and choose a few to donate (to the local library or elsewhere)

Here’s a link to a big list of these service ideas as a quick reference for you: 91 Selfless Service ideas – organized by time required.

I keep a printed copy of this list at the front of the ‘Service’ section of my journal so I always have ideas easily available at my fingertips.

Remember, ONE small act each day will be habit forming.

Selfless service feels amazing and blesses lives.

Giving is truly living. Don’t miss out on life today.

Selfless Service is often quite fun – it’s usually just starting that’s hard.

But it doesn’t have to be hard at all…just start small 😉

Make Today Amazing!