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Give – Day 10 – The pain and pleasure of selfless service.

Selfless Service is quite often painful.

As humans we are driven and motivated by only two things: avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

So why does anyone actually serve selflessly?

Wouldn’t it seem there would be no motivation since it’s hard and it does nothing for ourselves?

Well…of course the truth is, it does do something for us.

There is an internal pleasure we get from selfless service that far outweighs the pain of doing it.

If there weren’t, nobody would do it. That’s just the reality of the human condition.

In truth, as selfless as our intentions may be, service simply feels amazing and that’s what drives us past the pain of doing it.

It is literally impossible to not be rewarded with some form of pleasure by doing selfless service.

It’s a law of nature.

You cannot give without getting something in return.

You may never see or notice what you get – and it may be a feeling and not something tangible – but regardless, the law of reciprocity states that what you send out comes back to you.

That is the hidden miracle of selfless service.

The more you give, the more you actually receive.

Those who try to keep everything for themselves lose everything of true value.

But it’s not something we need to keep score on…it’s simply living with a belief, a knowing, and a trust that what you give you get.

Establishing the habit of writing a service plan and acting on it each day is meant to enhance your awareness of this and make sure you are consciously giving in your life – ever single day….

…so that you don’t let days or weeks go by and find that you have accidentally slipped into ‘take mode’ in your life.

Stay in giving mode.

Build this habit of selfless service daily.

Miracles will happen in your life when you do – it is100% guaranteed! I can say that without any doubt or hesitation.

If you serve selflessly good things will happen for you somehow, someway.

And the best of those things will be the inner peace and contentment you feel, which produce a state of joy.

Nothing in the world can or will top that. But you will also have miraculous things just happen and you will be in awed gratitude.

The more you give, the more you will notice your life is filled to overflowing.

Not with material things only (though you will certainly have everything you need in that regard), but with the only two truly important things: An abundance of loving relationships and joy in your heart.

You will experience a pleasure beyond description when you live the pillar of GIVE.

Keep the TAL poster visible in your life to remind you of the importance of these:

Give yourself away.

Share your gifts freely with the world.

Giving is truly living.

Now, here are 10 bigger selfless service ideas that will bless lives and produce joy in hearts – one hour or more:

1. Prepare homemade greeting cards for people in supervised homes, prisons, or nursing homes.

2. Sort donated food and clothing at a charitable organization.

3. Commit to do certain household tasks for elderly people in your community on a regular basis.

4. Clean the grounds of a cemetery or a public park.

5. Clean the banks of a nearby river or beach.

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

7. Help at a Soup Kitchen.

8. Volunteer with Feeding America – the surplus food charity – repackaging food, tutoring kids, clerical work (

9. Plant flowering plants in pots and deliver them to a long-term care facility for senior adults.

10. Make activity kits for children living in shelters for the homeless or abused.

I encourage you to make a commitment to do something bigger like this either today, or scheduled into your life sometime in the next week.

Could be from this list or anything your creativity comes up with.

Even though I have quite often gone into service opportunities grudgingly – because of the pain, the time, and the sacrifice of doing it…

I cannot recall even one time in my entire life that I have regretted having done selfless service.

In fact, in every single case without fail I have felt lighter, more peaceful, more happy, and at least a bit glad that I pushed through the pain and did the service.

I know it’s not easy.

I still struggle with this daily myself.

There are so many demands on our time, and so much that we would like to do already that cannot all be done.

But something amazing happens when we make the sacrifice to get outside of ourself – I’m certain you’ve experienced it before.

So let’s go experience it again! Yes, it’s hard. And it is well worth it.

Go serve someone selflessly.

Make Today Amazing!