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Enjoy – Day 9 – Lower expectation can equal higher happiness

“Life is largely a matter of expectation” – Horace

Do you ever belittle, berate, or criticize yourself?

If so, examine your expectations!

They will show you exactly why you are hard on yourself.

It’s not because you are ‘judgmental’ or ‘self-critical’ by nature…everyone has the ability to be those ways.

It’s largely because of the strategy you are using and how you set your expectations in your life.

The problem is WE THINK we ‘have to’ hold on to all our internal expectations.

In reality, we get to decide which expectations we place on ourselves and others.

Nobody is forcing us to expect ANYTHING.

Mostly we just go around completely unaware of the crazy-high expectations we have for ourselves, and don’t realize that they are the source of our angst and suffering.

‘We’ meaning ‘Me’ actually…

I have been known to set superman standards for myself which most always lead to frustration.

It just seems that every time I leap off that building to save the planet (i.e. attempt to live up to my own super humanly high expectations) I inevitably crash land on my face.

Why?? Because I’m not Superman it turns out!

I actually don’t have that whole ‘flying’ capability.

I wonder how many more crash landings it will take me to remember that?

I am improving though…and the solution is setting SMALL, regular, every day human type expectations.

That way I’m not frustrated because I WIN REGULARLY!

I’m a work in progress though…I think I may have chronic-superman-itis…

Because if I’m not vigilant about small daily expectations I quickly find myself ‘Superman-ing up’ again.

How about you?

Do you ever struggle to meet your own expectations when it comes to moving your body?

Or do you ever set super-sized to-do lists and try to cram every minute of the day as full as possible?

And do you feel some days like ‘why even bother’ because the list is too big?

If so, time to take extreme measures.


It’s more fun AND breeds more success.

Are you willing to examine your expectations with an open mind?  To poke holes in them or push the ‘eject button’ altogether on them?

Sometimes it is BEST to lower our standards.

Not our MORAL standards, keep those at 100% (honesty, integrity, etc.)

But our daily habit expectation standards can definitely use LOWERING.


Because to achieve your goals it is ESSENTIAL to get yourself winning regularly.

Expectation can be either a blessing or a curse but either way it is certainly one of the most powerful unseen forces in your life.” – John Kanary, (Bob Proctor’s ‘You were born rich’)

Make expectation a blessing for you by LOWERING IT.

The ‘Mini-Habit’ idea of only expecting one push up from yourself for example.

It’s something you know you can win at every day.

Winning regularly is critical to the enjoyment of life.

When you set yourself up to always win by giving yourself SMALL daily expectations, you minimize all opportunities for self-criticism.

When you win, the default response is praise and celebration… which FEEL GREAT.

Winning breeds more winning.

This is why small expectations will work wonders in your life.

“Plant seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement.  Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses.”  – Norman Vincent Peale

When you set the daily expectations small enough, you KNOW without doubt you can achieve them.

You’ll know your self-expectations are small enough when ALL DOUBT is gone…and you’re only left with ‘thoughts that anticipate achievement’.

This is so important when it comes to MOVING YOUR BODY…but it’s a principle that applies to every area and all 12 pillars of a TAL.

If you are dreading starting that workout, or any task, your expectation is still too big.

Chop it up.

Shrink it down.

Then once you get it small enough, it will be easy to do DAILY – and soon enough…Voila!

You’re in the habit of MOVING daily…then the amount of movement will naturally increase.

Implement this principle today:  SUPER SMALL instead of SUPERMAN EXPECTATIONS.

And we’ll get more into food and diet later, but the principle is the same there.

If you struggle to eat healthy, how about the expectation “I’ll cook one healthy meal” instead of “This entire day I’ll eat healthy”…just one example.

Make Today Amazing!