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Enjoy – Day 6 – It’s better to do ONE or SOME than NONE

You may have this already, but here’s the link to the Truly Amazing Morning Weekly Tracker tool to help you stay on track with the daily TAL habits.

If you’ve done the previous 5MMM trainings, are you continuing with daily gratitude?

Still remembering who you are, and affirming the truth daily?

Those are simple, quick habits that take hardly any time, but have huge effects.

You can use this tool to help you stay on track with the small, simple daily habits of living a truly amazing life.

I keep this sheet at the front of my 3-ring binder journal where I do all my writing.

Each month in 5MMM we strengthen one of these habits.

If you aren’t very familiar with some of the habits, don’t worry about those.

Even doing JUST ONE of these habits daily is AWESOME and you should celebrate that success.

As you stack up the habits, the amazingness stacks also!

It’s like a multi-layered cake of awesome…the more layers the better!  But even one alone is still fantastic!

You may notice that 12 things can feel overwhelming….but many of them take just a minute or two.

The entire list can be done including breakfast in under 90 minutes.

Often it’s more like 2-3 hours for me because I absolutely love a morning spent doing each of these habits.

My preferred routine is to retire early, get 7-8 hours of sleep, then rise early to enjoy a Truly Amazing Morning before I get into the work for the day.

Often, with travel, or have commitments crowding the day, each daily habit gets shortened.

The key is to shorten, rather than eliminate if possible!

That’s where the ONE pushup type of situation comes in…or a 20 minute jog and a few pushups instead of an hour that may be the norm for some.

It’s better to ONE or SOME than NONE.

The same applies to all 12 habits of TAL.

3 minutes of breathing and meditation can be very relaxing, and beats zero.

Gratitude for 5 things takes 5 seconds, and is much better than no gratitude at all.

So use this tool…but don’t abuse it by convincing yourself that you have to do everything on it to do any good.

Now, more excuses to discuss and some other ideas:

Some may think: “Working out at the Gym is better than working out at home.”  or, “If I don’t have a full 30 minutes it doesn’t do any good anyway”

Those are often used as an excuse to do nothing.

If you find yourself repeating those types of excuses, again, first be aware that that they are excuses.

And if you’re ready to slay the excuses just STOP EVERYTHING and JUST DO THE ONE THING you are committed to doing daily this month.

If it is one minute of exercise…turn on the timer and just do anything.

A few pushups.  Some air squats.  Some jumping jacks… WHATEVER.

Get your body into motion, physically exert yourself in ANY way, right where you are, and you will blast through any excuses coming up in your mind.

Also helpful on this is a good article I read on Life Hacker which gave 4 ideas fit exercise into your busy life:

1 – Workout with other people

2 – Put it on the calendar

3 – Get a workout buddy

4 – Find exercise that you enjoy

Each of these help you get over the challenge of keeping the commitment to yourself.

Involving others in our lives can make it more enjoyable.

But I think item 4, ENJOY, is the most important of course!!

First of all, pick an exercise you can enjoy, or at least not hate.

It’s no use doing something you despise…that’s not sustainable or enjoyable.

If you hate it…stop…find something you can enjoy.

But here’s the main trick I use on myself nearly every single day that has been working wonders for YEARS!

I combine one of my favorite activities with my daily workout:  LISTENING TO AUDIO BOOKS.

I love listening to books, I can’t get enough of it.

So even when I’m feeling tired, and demotivated to move my body, I have no problem getting out the door, because I am so eager to continue the book I’m listening to.

It’s one of the best tricks/tools I know of to majorly AMP UP ENJOYMENT of my day and my life.

You can do music too, or podcasts!  There are millions of free podcasts on every topic under the sun.

Books have the special feature of lasting a week or more and they keep you wanting to come back for more.

A good book will actually pull you out the door…it’s a beautiful thing.

Then once you’re moving, you find yourself enjoying it all immensely.

That’s all for now…Enjoy yourself today!  Make Today Amazing!