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Enjoy Day 5 – So, what is your top priority?

Let me clarify one thing first today.

My initial invitation was to MOVE your body for 20 minutes daily.

Then yesterday I said pick ONE SUPER SMALL commitment for the month.

Well…20 minutes may be your ‘super small commitment’.

Or perhaps for you it’s ONE minute, or ONE pushup.

The eventual goal is to move vigorously for at least 20 minutes DAILY.

But committing to something SUPER SMALL is extremely powerful for those who don’t already have the daily MOVE habit.

Especially if you’ve been frustrated time and again by not being able to get into the habit.

Is that clear?  Let me know if you have any questions.

And another word on TIME.

The majority of TAL Family members surveyed listed TIME as one of their biggest challenges here.

Derek P. summed it up well:

My biggest challenge is finding the time to exercise. With work and family responsibilities, it always seems to be a choice between sleep and exercise, and I never seem to get enough of either.”

And Tara H. said:  “There must be ways around it, but I guess I’m not motivated, I’ve stopped prioritizing exercise (I prioritize chores and sleep)”

And as you’re now ultra clear after yesterday, this is really not a matter of time, but a matter of PRIORITY.

As noted from these comments, everyone chooses different priorities.

But for most, sleep and exercise are falling BELOW work and family in order of Priority.

What are your highest priorities and why?

Our motivation comes from our prioritization.

In reality our challenge has nothing to do with ‘not enough time’.

The real challenge is this: ‘I’m not clear on why moving is so important for me’.

You don’t hear people say, “I don’t have time to eat food”.  Why?  It’s a PRIORITY!

Once you get crystal clear on just how important moving your body daily really is, it will automatically move to its proper place in the priority totem pole of your life.

The truth is, EVERYTHING in your life suffers as a result of not moving your body.

If your body doesn’t feel healthy, invigorated, or energized, then…

You don’t do your work as well…

You’re not as loving in your relationships…

Your mind doesn’t function as well…

And when those happen, your family and others don’t get the best version of you…relationships suffer.

When you take an airplane flight anywhere, they always say to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on your children.

How selfish right??

Wrong.  If you’re dead or dysfunctional you can’t save anyone else.

It really is that simple.

Your own spiritual and physical well-being MUST come first as a daily practice and priority.

Otherwise your health, your happiness, your relationships, your work, and everything in your world suffer as a consequence.

You may not be aware of this suffering because you’re accustomed to how things are.

Or you may think you can fake it for a while.

Or maybe you subconsciously downplay the importance of movement to rationalize not doing it because your mind thinks it’s hard.

ALL THIS WILL CATCH UP TO YOU (or already has)

And you can’t fake connection to God or living in this moment.

When you neglect to care for yourself, you are disconnecting yourself from your source of all energy and life.

And that mistreatment of your self has negative consequences.

First and foremost YOU DON’T FEEL GOOD emotionally or physically.

And from that state you are unable to show up fully as a spouse, parent, boss, employee, friend, or any other role that’s high on your priority list.

Here are my chosen daily priorities in order:

1. God

2. Self

3. Family

4. Work

5. Community & Church

6. Everything Else

When I neglect the first two inevitably I don’t feel as good and the rest suffer.

Neglect them long enough and I’m unable to help anyone.

So…how important is moving your body to you?

Where does it fall in YOUR order of priorities?

You may not share my exact priorities, but if you have placed YOURSELF in lower priority than your Family, Work, or other obligations…

…I’d recommend taking a good hard look at how sustainable that order is.

The simple fact is you cannot take care of others long if you’re not taking care of yourself.

I understand the innate desire we feel as humans to serve others.

We feel selfish taking care of ourselves first sometimes.

The truth is we are hurting those we love when we don’t take care of ourselves.

So get clear on your priority.

Then stick to your priority…even if it is just ONE pushup.


And make it SO simple that you cannot fail…then in time the habit will take over and it will happen easily.

Your spiritual and physical well-being must come first for you to be the joyful, loving person you desire to be.

Make Today Amazing.