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Enjoy – Day 4 – Life works better when you let go of the will-power battle.

Today we’re going to debunk a couple myths about time and this habit of MOVE.

First – “I don’t have enough time to exercise”


That’s a ‘big fat lie’.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, the truth hurts sometimes when we’re convinced otherwise.

If you find yourself saying that, here is the real truth:  ‘It’s not a PRIORITY’.

Start telling yourself the truth and guess what?  The truth will set you free.

This applies to every area of life by the way…if you are in the victim habit of saying and believing ‘I don’t have time for that’, STOP!  

Replace it with, ‘that’s not a priority for me’ and watch yourself be liberated.

I bet you’ll feel instant empowerment as you acknowledge head-on that your choices determine your outcomes…and you are not a victim to time.

Read this blog article at ‘Nerd Fitness’ if you question this at all:

Even for those who loving exercising an hour or more daily his myth of ‘not enough time’ can be a stumbling block.

The challenge is we might be convinced that if we don’t have a full hour we may as well not bother at all.

So we don’t do anything.

But the reality is doing any small thing TODAY is what will keep us connected and joyful.

We can only live and act today.

Putting off until tomorrow something small that can be done today, becomes a habit we immediately find ourselves 1) disconnected from the present moment, 2) feeling like a victim to time, and 3) frustrated with our lot in life.

Don’t let that happen!

There will always be more to do than you can possibly do.

So choose your priorities, and make them small enough that you KNOW you can do them.

Remember, if you don’t do it, it’s because IT’S NOT A PRIORITY!

…not because there is not enough time.

Be kind to yourself and speak the truth.

So, as we discussed yesterday about the power of SMALL…

It’s best to LOWER your daily minimum standard from 1 hour, to 20 minutes, even to 1 minute if necessary.

But don’t allow yourself to do nothing…that is where you must draw the line, because that is like certain death to your habit creation.

I know it sounds strange to lower your standard, and if you tend to be an ‘over-achiever’ like me you might naturally reject that notion.

Remember, something small always beats nothing at all.

Here’s the other related myth:

Exercise takes long hours and it’s worthless if I can’t exercise regularly”

That’s just not true on either account.

Every single effort you make benefits you.

Of course it’s best when you establish a regular habit.

But this is exactly the reason we set SMALL goals so that our amazingly astute, comfort and ease-seeking mind cannot possibly reject them.

If you set a big goal for today that feels hard, YOU WILL RESIST IT!

You may be able to WILL POWER yourself to doing it for a few days, but eventually you’ll crack under the pressure.  We all do.


Instead, reduce the need for almost all will-power and you give yourself the BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE of success at creating a habit.

That’s why the ‘one push-up challenge’ is so genius.

You can change that challenge to any ‘one thing’ that makes sense for you.

One minute of workout.

One lap around the block jogging.

Whatever you want! 

Just pick one SUPER SMALL thing that you KNOW you can do daily and make a live or die commitment to that one thing.

Think about how will you feel about yourself if you commit to doing just ONE thing for 30 days straight, and you KEEP that commitment??

Your confidence will go up!

You will feel like a success.  Even if it is just one pushup.  Because you know that you can make and keep commitments to yourself.

And success breeds success.

It’s the magic of small that will open up huge doors in your life.

Set yourself up to WIN by setting a small goal and getting behind it with your whole heart.

So what’s your MOVE commitment to YOU this month?

Make sure it is SO SMALL that you know without doubt that you can and will accomplish it 100% this month.


It’s wonderful to do more!  Once you’re in motion, absolutely go for more.

But what is the ONE THING you will 100% commit to doing at least 6 days per week and not let slide NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TODAY!

The big fear we have is that if we set a small goal, we’ll never accomplish any big results.

That’s just not true!

But the only way you’ll know that for yourself is by doing it.

So make your 100% commitment to yourself.

Post it on your mirror or somewhere you’ll see daily…

…and Make Today Amazing.