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Enjoy – Day 26 – ‘Allow the fullness that is you to be present in the moment’

Yesterday we spoke more on the importance of LOVING YOURSELF and specifically LOVING YOUR BODY.

The importance of this cannot be overstated.

This is the beginning and the end of the whole principle of enjoying life.

If you do everything you do out of love you cannot go wrong.

Enjoy your life by living your life out of love.

Instead of living it out of inherent hate for yourself and constant desire to be something or someone else.

Your body is sacred, it is meant to be loved.

Not worshipped, but loved.

Are you grateful to your body?

“If any thing is sacred the human body is sacred.”  – Walt Whitman

As we’ve discussed, the body is the temple of your spirit, ‘it’s the only place you have to live.’

Being sacred then should we not treat it with the utmost love and respect?

Our body is not a tool to satisfy our ego.

If it is used in that way, it will rebel, and it will eventually let you know in no uncertain terms that is not its purpose.

It will do this through injury, pain, low energy, disease, or any other way it can finally get your attention.

Instead, let’s listen to our amazing body…cultivate a relationship of tender caring love with it.

Our ego is not invited to the party!

(though it likes to barge in a lot I’ve noticed)

But it has no right to dictate demands on the body.

“Nothing, in all of the Universe is more delicious than to be in this physical body allowing the fullness that is you to be present in the moment.”  – Abraham/Esther Hicks

There is a reason it feels so good to move.

It leads you to being present, right now, aware of your body, and at one with your body.

And this is the essence of why we came to this physical existence.

To experience the joy of the physical body.

It’s hard to grasp this fully because all we can remember is having this physical body.

But our soul, the spirit that occupies the body, didn’t experience this type of joy prior to having this physical body.

These contrasts of sensation – light and dark, pain and pleasure, health and sickness – all serve serve to deepen our joy through the depth and breadth of the contrast.

Without the body we would not experience the same depth of joy, because we would not experience that contrast.

‘allowing the fullness that is you to be present in the moment’…

That is what moving the body does.

Your spirit and body moving in concert, in one, in the energy of love with each other and all of life.

It’s completely up to us individually how we choose to look at moving our body daily.

We can choose to see it as a burden and a chore…or a beautiful blessing that we anticipate eagerly.

“Don’t try to lose weight. Take delight in gaining fitness”  – Alan Cohen

Just another way to flip the script on the way you frame exercise in your mind.

One is a chore, the other is a joy and delight.

You get to choose…so why not speak to yourself about this whole thing differently?

Re-program the way you naturally speak using affirmations.

Write whatever affirmations you want in order to start thinking more lovingly and positively about moving your body…then repeat them daily.

Hopefully by this point on our 2nd to last day you have really started to deepen the habit of moving.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  – Jim Ryun

I have done my best to motivate you.

And I have done that by directing you back regularly to remembering the truest motivator…LOVE.

Love yourself, your body, and all of life.

But it’s the habit that will keep you going.

Ideally you are starting a lifelong habit of moving daily out of love.

That is the goal.

If it isn’t quite a habit yet, don’t give up!

This is such an important habit to strive to maintain for the rest of your life.

So don’t worry if you didn’t nail it perfect just yet…

…we can all constantly improve on this throughout our life.

And because we are so bombarded by our ego, pride, and influences of the world around us, we need to constantly bring ourselves back to love.

We’ll wrap up this topic of MOVE tomorrow…meanwhile…

Make Today Amazing!