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Enjoy – Day 25 – Is the motivation behind your movement helpful or hurtful?

“I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself.”  – Oprah Winfrey

Do you think there’s any correlation between being grateful to your body and moving your body?

Well…will you want to move and take care of your body if you despise it?

Of course not.

You’ll want to sabotage it…be slothful, eat junk food, etc.

I keep coming back to the focus of gratitude and love because these really are the key to enjoying life…

Enjoying your body…

Being healthy…

And moving for the right reasons.

What are the right reasons to move?

Love and Gratitude.

What are some of the ‘less right’ reasons to move?

So you can look good to others?

So you can eat whatever you want?

Those are two obvious ones…but anything NOT rooted in love and gratitude really.

Those other motivations are not sustainable…and they don’t produce joy…they simply satisfy the ego.

I bet if you really think back, those times when you have been unable to sustain the habit of exercising were because your motivation was based in something other than love or gratitude.

When our root motivations are based in pride – it’s not sustainable and it’s potentially damaging actually.

Ego-based motivation leads us to over-train or over-exert ourselves which inflicts damage on our body.

This is so common in the running and triathlon community.

SO MANY PEOPLE are running for ego and not love and it inevitably leads to pain and breakdown.

When our motivation is ‘looking good’ or ‘eating whatever we want’ we train more and work harder.

This becomes stressful…and consumes more than its fair share of our life….

Leaving less time for other higher priorities: serving others, loving our family, blessing the world through our work, whatever it may be!

But it also has another even more damaging effect…

When we are focused on external motivators we don’t pay attention or listen to our body.

This is natural, because when we are not loving our body…we are not moving it for our true self or our body’s benefit…

We are moving it to satisfy our ego.

And so we push harder, and don’t listen to the cues from our body, the pain, the fatigue, telling us to slow down, to take it easy.

Then we get injured.

The body had to scream at the top of its lungs at us to JUST STOP.

So we are forced to stop.

Then what?

Then we’re depressed and highly discouraged.

Even MAD at our body for not holding up to our demands.

We can’t handle it mentally because our ego’s will and desire is being thwarted!

Now we can’t move our body at all because it is injured.

So we go to food, usually junk food, for comfort…and this is more discouraging because we know we aren’t ‘burning off those calories’.

So we gain weight which sets us back even farther, compounds the discouragement, the depression.

See the vicious cycle here?

My guess is you are familiar with this to some degree…it’s pretty common…

You are most certainly not alone if so!

How do we end the cycle?

START WITH WHY!  Your motivation.

And make sure you dig deep enough to get to love and gratitude as the main reason WHY you are moving your body.

“The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around…”

“…throughout history, ‘tender loving care’ has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing.”  – Larry Dossey, Doctor

Love really is the answer to joy in your life.

Love ends vicious cycles instantly and turns them into victorious cycles.

When you move your body to satisfy your ego and pride it will inevitably end poorly.

“Your body is an absolute mirror of your mind. As you worry, your body shows it.  As you love, your body shows it. As you are overwhelmed, your body shows it.  As you are angry your body shows it.”

Every cell of your body is being allowed or resisted by the way you feel.   ‘My physical state is a direct reflection of how I feel’, instead of ‘How I feel is a direct reflection of my physical state’.”  – Abraham/Esther Hicks

Write down why you move your body daily.

You’ve probably already done this…do it again.

Revise it if necessary.

Here’s one idea:  “I move my body vigorously each day because I love myself, I am deeply grateful for my amazing body, and it feels so good to treat my body lovingly.”

Keep your WHY statement in your affirmations that you repeat and visualize daily.

If you have struggled with moving for the wrong reasons (ie anything other than LOVE), a daily affirmation like that will help a lot.

Make Today Amazing!