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Enjoy – Day 23 – Conscious movement leads to deep connectedness

There’s a wonderful short work called “Simply Well” that deserves some air-time today.

“Because the body, mind, and soul are always connected, exercising also involves your mind and your spirit.  How you move will affect how you think and feel about yourself, and vice versa.  And both will affect how you view life and the world.”

“Adhering to a regular exercise program is a statement of personal power.”

“It says that you are in charge of your own life, that you have endurance, strength, flexibility, and determination.  And these qualities will spill over into other domains of your life and work.”

“You can apply your newfound endurance and flexibility to creative projects, to handling questions that arise in interpersonal relationships, to setting out plans for the fulfillment of your dreams, and even to addressing ways in which you can contribute to environmental concerns and world issues.”  – John W. Travis, MD, Regina Sara Ryan, Simply Well

This embodies the whole mindset around this habit of MOVE that I hope is instilled deep in your subconscious by the time we finish out this month.

Moving is a major catalyst to living a Truly Amazing Life in every area.

They said it so well.

Can you deny the power of regular daily movement?

Have you experienced that power more in your life this month?

Movement is major self-empowerment.

They also said:  “Exercising can actually be a form of prayer – a thanksgiving for the privilege of having a body and for simply being alive.”

“When the whole body is used in this way, spirit becomes united with flesh; spirituality is grounded in the things of everyday life.”  – John W. Travis, MD, Regina Sara Ryan, Simply Well

How privileged do you feel to have a body and simply be alive?

Have you expressed that gratitude today by moving it?

Or have you taken for granted the fact that you actually can move?

Think about it.

Be grateful.  Move your body.  You will be blessed.

“Exercise, like meditation, is a natural way of achieving an altered state of consciousness in which the rational and problem-oriented mind is temporarily put on hold.”

A deep sense of connectedness to all life and a sense of inner knowledge are potential benefits when exercise is done consciously.”  – John W. Travis, MD, Regina Sara Ryan, Simply Well

Notice how they said ‘when exercise is done consciously’?

My wife referred to this ‘connectedness’ when she said exercise is a form of meditation for her…this is what she is experiencing.

And that “deep connectedness” and “sense of inner knowledge” is not our privilege when we move for the wrong reasons…

…i.e., “so we can eat whatever we want.”

Or whatever other reason is not rooted in LOVE and RESPSECT for life, and for our body.

When we MOVE out of love, we then connect deeper to all life and it can be extremely profound, moving, and addicting for the best reasons.

Because it connects us to our souls, and to God.

Moving your body is gratitude and is a spiritual exercise as much as a physical one.

And how does this all impact your self-esteem, self-confidence, and respect for yourself?

“Regular exercise firms muscles, may help you shed pounds, and generally adds a healthy glow to your complexion.  All of this can build a more positive self-concept. You like what you see and how you feel, and your sense of pride grows because of your commitment to yourself.”  – John W. Travis, MD, Regina Sara Ryan, Simply Well

So…don’t let a day pass that you haven’t kept at least one small movement commitment to yourself.

And I’ll stress again…in case this got missed somewhere in the month…

20 minutes of vigorous movement minimum is ideal…

But even one pushup today is better than none! 


Keeping your commitment to yourself in that case is probably more beneficial to you than the pushup itself.

All these things are important though.

Keeping a commitment to move is empowering and increases your self-confidence.

No matter how small the commitment.

Get yourself on a winning streak!  Make it easy to win every day.

Make it a game!  How long can you go this year keeping your commitment to moving your body even if it’s as simple as one pushup?

I’m doing this now…I’m 100% for this month and I intend to keep it (6 days/week of course)

For some of us it really helps to make it a game…how long I can keep the streak?

And if I miss??  No worries… so I move every day for a year minus ONE…that’s still a fun accomplishment!

I’m actually tracking 12 different habits on my Truly Amazing Morning weekly tracker…because they are all priorities for me.

But I’ve set my minimums on each of them so small that it’s easy to do all of them each day…which is super empowering.

It’s a daily routine that is easily doable, and scalable up or down in time.

“Easily doable” being the key to the magic.

That’s all for today…keep moving!

Make Today Amazing!