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Enjoy – Day 22 – Your body is a garden – your will is the gardener

OK, we’ve been going three weeks on the habit of MOVE…how are you doing?

Are you moving vigorously for at least 20 minutes daily?

Or have you at least been using the mini-habit technique?

To report in, I have been using the mini-habit commitment to do 1 pull-up and 1 pushup each day, and it has been awesome!

I still go for a 30-60 minute run most days (one of my favorite times of day!)…but because of the mini-habit I’ve also been doing at least one – usually 3-4 – sets of pushups and pull-ups also.

I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in how I feel.

Mostly feeling greater confidence and strength.

But also changes in my appearance which feel good too.

I love how ‘underwhelming’ and easy it feels to keep the commitment of just ONE small thing.

I hope you have experienced similar good results so far.

If not, it’s NEVER too late to start!

This month’s messages could have been just a great primer to get you really convinced on you want to move daily for YOU, and now you can launch forward from here.

I truly hope you are allowing this habit to increase your JOY in your daily life.

It has the power to be a total game-changer.

Now, how is your garden doing?

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”  – William Shakespeare, Othello

Is your garden full of weeds?

Or is it looking immaculately beautiful?

Are you tending to it regularly?

This brings to mind my own back yard.

I don’t have a garden, but my backyard at the time of writing this is full of weeds…I’ve been neglecting it.

And my mother-in-law visiting recently made the observation that if we just tend it regularly it can look good without becoming such a project.

Then can live in a beautiful clean yard instead of looking at weeds every day.

Very true.

So why haven’t we been doing that?

The same reason why many people don’t move their body regularly…it hasn’t been a priority, and…

…we’re not in the habit.

I could say ‘I don’t have enough time’ or any of the other excuses…but they’re still excuses.

And I’m certain it would increase my enjoyment of life if my yard were more beautiful.

I bet if I just said started a mini-habit and committed to pull one weed per day, it would experience transformation.

I’m out there playing with the kids anyway…how hard is it to pull one weed?

And then I would be in the habit of caring for my yard regularly.

As it is right now…I’m out there anyway, subconsciously (sometimes consciously) dreading the burden of the weeds in my mind.

I could use that same energy to just pull one of them and actually resolve the issue…rather than not taking ANY action, and only making the problem bigger and more insurmountable.

Wow…cool…thanks guys!  You just hooked my wife up…she is going to be so glad I just wrote you this training today…I guarantee it.

Our yard is going to experience a transformation I predict.

But how about your body? 

Are you letting poor health creep up on you and just dreading the burden of keeping up with it?

This is where we use the mini-habit or small commitment to MOVE daily to get out of ‘overwhelmed dread mode’.

As for me…I’m committing now to making both my gardens a priority…my body, and my yard.

And it doesn’t feel overwhelming because I know I can commit to pulling one weed per day.

How about you?

Are you keeping up with the weeds in the garden of your body?

What can you do to make it a priority and increase your enjoyment of life right now?

There is no sense living each day in a body overrun by weeds of lack of health, when with just ONE simple action turned into a habit, we can enjoy where we live today.

Move your body.  It’s so important.

Make Today Amazing!