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Enjoy – Day 2 – Three Clarifications on this habit of MOVE

Did you MOVE your body yesterday for at least 20 minutes vigorously?


That is our one simple focus this month.

If you will do that ONE THING 6 days per week this month, I believe it will have a MASSIVE impact on your enjoyment of your life.

That ONE THING is the catalyst that rescued me from a stressed life of overwhelm and discouragement in 2009.

Now…some clarifications for you before we start getting into the meat of mind-bending on the topic this month.

FIRST Clarification:  Is it really necessary to MOVE 6 days per week?  Why not less? or more?

I believe it’s a very good thing to take one day of total rest each week.

Personally I rest every Sunday.

I recommend resting one day per week because I believe it is quite healthy for the body and the mind.

If you feel best working out 7 days a week, go right ahead.

But I believe resting one day is an extremely valuable ‘RESET’ Button for life.

It gives your body and mind a chance to rejuvenate.

Often, when people work out 7 days per week it is because they feel they ‘have to’ just to keep up with their calorie consumption.

That is not the ideal way to ENJOY your life.

Living in ‘have to’ mode is not enjoyable.

You’re much better off eating less, and taking a day of rest…we’ll discuss the food thing later though.

Just like we need rest every night to be re-charged and ready for a new day, our life is enhanced by regular rest and a change of routine once per week.

So, MOVE your body vigorously 6 days per week.

And what if you miss and only do it 3 or 4 or 5 days this week?

Don’t beat yourself up! 

Celebrate your successes!  Focus on your accomplishments and build on them.

But work up to 20 minutes PER DAY, 6 days per week.

Why?  Because it FEELS SO GOOD.

Your life will be charged with energy!

Your body will love you and thank you!

And it will reward you with all sorts of positive emotions…

…happiness, confidence, and a host of other wonderful feelings.

SECOND Clarification:  What does MOVE Vigorously mean?

This is really subjective and different for every person.

So don’t get hung up on it!

Basically??  Not too hard, not too soft.

Here’s the basic principle: Go push your body outside of it’s comfort zone, but lovingly.

Don’t be so intense that you fear and dread doing it again!

You’ll know you were too intense if you are drenched with sweat from head to toe, it was a total shock to your system, and you feel like you need a nap from the exertion.

The kind of vigorous movement we’re focused on is ENERGIZING, not de-energizing.

THIRD Clarification:  Why 20 Minutes?  Can I do more or less?

You can certainly do more than 20 minutes.

And if all you can make happen is 10 minutes the first day, great…that’s better than nothing.

But 20 minutes should be your minimum target.

Feel free to do more than 20 if you are loving it and feeling really good.

I personally love to go run outside for an hour while listening to an audio book.

It’s one of my favorite times of the day!

I would go even longer except that I’ve got so many other projects I’m passionate about that I can’t justify spending more time than that usually.

And it’s definitely not necessary for your health, vitality, and enjoyment of your body to exercise longer than an hour.

It’s not even necessary to go more than 20 minutes!

We’ll get more into them later…

…but there are a lot of reasons why I suggest 20 minutes as your baseline MINIMUM 6 days per week.

Some people are already accustomed to exercising for an hour or more every day.

Some are not accustomed to any physical exertion at all.

Work from where you are

If you have been doing ‘zero physical exertion’, just start with a brisk 20 minute walk.

You can work up to a jog when it feels right.

If you are already working out a lot longer than 20 minutes per day, keep doing it, that’s great…you certainly don’t need to cut back and ONLY do 20 minutes.

However, are you among those people who are working out religiously every day because you feel like YOU HAVE TO?

If so, I invite you to start to open yourself up to a different approach.

I understand that mindset, because I was there, and it’s very common.

We’ll get much more into that as the days progress, with the goal of releasing EVERYONE to experience the maximum amount of ENJOYMENT of your body.

So start opening your mind now to NEW WAYS OF LOOKING AT THINGS.

These first few days here we’re laying the ground work and expectations…

…I hope this has been clarifying.  If there are any questions, reply or reach out in the mastermind community so we can support you.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss more ideas for various enjoyable ways to MOVE your body.

Then we will start to go into depth on the mental barriers that keep you MOVING or NOT MOVING for all the wrong reasons.

That’s all for today, go MOVE Vigorously in some way for at least 20 minutes!

And Make Today Amazing!