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Enjoy – Day 12 – Let’s talk about food and love

I’m going to admit I may not the best qualified to help you resolve food issues, because I have plenty of them myself.

But I am DEFINITELY qualified to understand you very well if you do face challenges with food!

My issues were compounded when I was thrust into a need for a super rigid diet.

A drastic diet change was the one major thing that turned my life around from a debilitating auto-immune disease and brought me back to health.

I say ‘compounded’ because I instantly became different than most of society and it threw a big monkey wrench into my family life.

But I was alive and healthy…so I would not complain!

A monkey wrench was a wonderful alternative to massive pain and possible death.

I was told to stop eating all refined sugar, dairy, wheat, nightshades, legumes and even fruit because of my sugar sensitivity.

Add to that list a bunch of allergies I discovered through blood tests and I had a formidable list of foods on my NO list.

But, I had the benefit of it literally feeling like a LIFE or DEATH situation…which gave me a LOT more motivation than most get.

And it STILL took me a month to completely quit eating refined sugar…one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And now?  18 months later…it’s slowly creeping back in.

It’s hard to resist…it’s everywhere!

Even though my family eats really healthy, there are constantly foods around that are on my NO list.

So I’m regularly tempted to eat them.

Simple things…beans, cheese, salsa (ooohh, I love salsa…that’s one of the hardest things to avoid for me)

Can you even imagine how hard that would be?  Even just to avoid all sugar, dairy, and wheat?

It brings up a bunch of mental issues.

I’ve always had a tendency to overeat sugar…it’s really addictive for me.

I’ve never had alcohol, but from what I’ve heard, I am probably a lot like an alcoholic – but I’d be a sugar-holic.

I need to avoid it completely or it’s extremely challenging to stop eating it.

So how do I deal with this all?  How do I remain calm, peaceful, and healthy despite the enormity of the dietary challenge?

Simply put: I practice the habits of a Truly Amazing Life.

All of them…but specifically I MOVE MY BODY vigorously every day and I practice LOVE AND FORGIVENESS daily.

And they work wonders in my life.

So in addition to daily movement I practice the ‘remember who you are’ habit…

…which is daily re-connecting with myself in the mirror, expressing love, asking forgiveness, and receiving that forgiveness.

This is so vital to my ability to continue to move my body and eat healthy daily.

I quickly slip into self-criticism, and soon self-loathing, if I don’t practice daily forgiveness, connection, and expressing love.

And when I hate myself, what is the natural response??

Inflict damage on myself.

I do this by NOT moving, and NOT eating healthy.

It’s not something I consciously want to do, but because I’m in a state of hate and self-loathing, it’s the automatic response…and it’s VERY hard to stop that response.

That is why “Love is the answer” – which we know has been said by all the wise teachers throughout the ages.

But how specifically do we IMPLEMENT love as the answer?

For me it starts with me, in the mirror, or on my knees before God, asking forgiveness for living in a state of hate and unkindness toward myself and others.

Then receiving that forgiveness and expressing and receiving love.

That simple act puts me back into the state of love, which becomes the answer to just about everything.

In the state of love moving the body and eating healthy are the natural actions to take.

I am certain this principle applies to you as well:

Love yourself and you will automatically desire to treat your body well.

“Many people can listen to their cat more intelligently than they can listen to their own despised body.   Because they attend to their pet in a cherishing way, it returns their love.   Their body, however, may have to let out an earth-shattering scream in order to be heard at all.”  – Marion Woodman

Will you treat yourself with love today?

You, like a loved pet, will naturally return love to yourself in the form of movement and healthy eating, when you give yourself that love.

Make Today Amazing!