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Enjoy – Day 11 – Are you trying to communicate with the enemy?

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  – Jim Rohn

And moving it is one of the primary ways to care for your body.

Another vital way to care for it is to feed it healthy food.

But in order to even have the desire to put healthy food in, and to move in healthy ways, we must first LOVE our body, and our self.

If we don’t love our self – we default to sabotaging our body through laziness and poor food choices.

Love is actually at the root cause of most eating and exercise challenges.

“We will be in tune with our bodies only if we truly love and honor them. We can’t be in good communication with the enemy. “  – Harriet Lerner, Ph. D, Clinical psychologist

I love how she referred to the enemy and communication.

Truly, how can we hear what our body is saying if we have made our body the enemy?

Same with our heart, and our soul…if we don’t love our self, it’s like the communication lines are cut.

We can’t meet our body’s needs if we don’t love our body.

Our bodies, minds, and spirits are all interconnected.

So how do you resolve the ‘lack of self-love’ issue?

We focus on that in a separate pillar – REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Essentially though, the key habit is to speak love and forgiveness to your self directly in the mirror every single day.

Are you sabotaging yourself by not moving your body or by eating unhealthy?

Talk to yourself, eyeball to eyeball in the mirror and get real about the subject.  Ask forgiveness and express love.  Literally say “I love you” A LOT to yourself.

If you struggle with that, know that resolving that issue of loving yourself will help in every area of your life…so work at it daily.

I mentioned how moving the body can positively impact negative mental and emotional states.

But it also goes the other way…not learning to love oneself, and not moving your body will negatively impact your health.

chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system  – Kris Carr, cancer survivor

And one of the BEST ways to cope is to GET YOUR BODY MOVING.

It produces endorphins that lift the spirit and energize the mind.

Movement naturally lifts you up out of the depths of negativity, and your thoughts absolutely impact your health.

It’s all connected, truly, and you can trigger a landslide of benefits to your body and soul by simply MOVING your body.

Not to say it’s the cure-all for everything…but it is SO BENEFICIAL AND IMPORTANT.

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”  – Naomi Judd

Get your body into action and you’ll gain power over the body and the mind.

This will give you confidence.

“A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain.  Look at Albert Einstein.  He rode a bicycle.  He was also an early student of Jazzercise.  You never saw Einstein lift his shirt, but he had a six-pack under there.”  – Steve Carell (actor, comedian)

OK, most of that quote was probably untrue…definitely NOT the jazzercise part since it was only founded in 1969 and Einstein died in 1955.

And I seriously doubt he had a six-pack based on the pics I’ve seen. J

But we need to laugh!  That’s good for our body too.

And a healthy body DOES indeed contribute to a healthy mind and a happy day and life…Steve did give us some truth.

So MOVE your body today!

Don’t let any excuse in your way.

You can do it, make it fun, make it a game.

Get moving and enjoy your life.

Make Today Amazing.