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Enjoy – Day 1 – The focus for this month is to MOVE YOUR BODY

This month we’re going to be breaking down the walls in our minds surrounding the habit of daily movement and that scary, overwhelming word ‘exercise’

For far too many it is something we know we ‘should’ do but there’s not a love for it

and we’ve either given up or we’re far too inconsistent to receive regular benefit.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, some of us have taken our ‘love’ for exercise to the extreme where it is actually unhealthy.

This month we’re going to tackle both sides of this, and the goal is to walk away from this month with a new, profound ENJOYMENT of life found through…

a deep love for our physical body expressed daily.

Here’s how it will work and what to expect:

We will focus on the WHY:

Throughout the training this month we’ll cover dozens of different aspects on why it is so beneficial to your life to MOVE daily – this will be the foundation you build on.

Clearly understanding the WHY, and bringing your deepest motivations to the light of day, will give you the drive and energy to make last changes.

We will also discuss the HOW:

This is where we will need to remove some roadblocks.

You are almost certain to have reasons why you are currently in the patterns you are in…

…and each day we’ll discuss different ways of looking at things to help you see HOW to get around your obstacles.

And we will get into the WHAT:

Throughout the month we’ll also discuss tactical strategies of WHAT to do daily, to make things simple, to keep things fresh, and to help you bridge the gap between knowing why it’s so important and actually TAKING ACTION.

WHAT you actually DO is where the rubber meets the road and you experience all the benefit.

Until you actually MOVE your body, you will not fully ENJOY your body.

All of this will help you uncover and replace your limiting beliefs and get you into ACTION and MOVING every single day.

This habit will permanently enhance your ENJOYMENT of your life.

Which will have all sorts of side benefits…

…helping you achieve more, be more happy, give more, love others more, think more positively, etc.

So there is your first reason WHY to MOVE daily.

Because getting this habit is one of the greatest tools for getting you feeling good, which has a ripple effect in helping you live all of the other 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.

OK, so HOW will we do this?

In truth, if you are deeply enough convinced of why it’s so important you will figure out a way how.

If you’re struggling with how to do overcome the challenge to move, it often means you’re not convinced why you should do it.

But that will come over time this month.

We will cover a lot more on how to overcome the roadblocks in the coming days.

For today, let’s talk about WHAT to do to get you in motion:

There are countless ways to move and exercise your body.

Which one you choose is not important.

The only important thing is that you MOVE your body vigorously for at least 20 minutes TODAY.

Longer is fine and dandy, but it’s most important that you do this TODAY so don’t give yourself a goal that is too lofty or it will be overwhelming and you won’t even start.


My movement of choice is running, but that is just one out of hundreds of things you could do.

You can go for a brisk walk, do pushups, sit ups, lift some weights, do yoga, go hiking, go swimming, go biking, go chop wood!

Or any combination of those things!


It really DOES NOT MATTER what you DO, the key is that you MOVE YOUR BODY vigorously for at least 20 minutes.

Vigorously means your body is sweating after or during.

You’re not going to get the same endorphin rush or positive feeling effect in your body if you just go out for a slow leisurely walk.

Though walking is beneficial, what we are focused on here is 20 minutes of vigorous movement.

So if you’re walking, pick up the pace so you break a sweat.

This requires some work.

But don’t mistake ‘work’ and ‘vigorous’ for SUPER HIGH INTENSE AND PAINFUL movement for 20 minutes.

That’s not what I’m recommending.

This should be vigorous movement, breaking a sweat, in a way that you ENJOY doing it!

Maybe you don’t enjoy running, but you do enjoy cycling.

Go cycling then.

It’s good to mix it up, make it fresh, and ENJOY yourself.  That’s key.

As you learn new ways to exercise and MOVE, and as you learn the proper ways to do them, your enjoyment will go up.

So here is your objective today:


Go break a sweat in whatever way suits you best.

We’ll go deeper tomorrow.

Make Today Amazing!