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Create – Day 9 – The Vision & Theme Creation Process

Today we’ll go over the actual process for creating a vision and theme for your life.

I’ve also included this entire process in full in this 18 page workbook which you can print out.

This is the process I use each year to re-clarify my vision and choose a theme that will guide me for the year.

I encourage you to start this process soon, so that you walk away this month with a 1-page vision and theme for your life.

  1. 1. The Past: Review each month of the current year and write about these things:

1. The magic moments that stood out.

2. The highs and lows.

3. The things you’re grateful for.

4. The pains you felt.

5. The lessons you learned.

This is where you just get real with what happened and what you thought about it.

As you write about the pains, pleasures, and lessons, this will be like tilling the soil of your mind.

It will unearth your creativity freedom to dream that’s been buried and packed down over the course of dealing with normal life.

Knowing where you’ve come from is the essential first step in charting where you want to go.

2. The Present: Write about your current state

1. What direction you are going?

2. How does it feel to be here now?

3. What blew away your expectations?

4. What didn’t meet your expectations?

As you get clear on where you are and how you feel about it you can see your direction.

Only once you’re aware of this, can you make any desired changes to it.

Understanding the past and present is work that must be done.

But then comes the fun part…

3. The Future: Imagine yourself doing this same process again 12 months from now and then answer these questions:

1. What would make this year the best year ever so far?

2. What do I want to accomplish?

3. Who do I want to become?

4. What do I want to experience?

5. How do I want to contribute?

6. How do I want to be?

7. Who do I want to spend time with?

8. What do I want to leave behind?

9. What do I want to grow into?

This section is where the creation of the life you WANT takes shape.

Notice how nearly every question focuses on what you want?

This is YOUR life!

What you want deep in your own heart is the most important thing.

Be completely liberal here!

DO NOT HOLD BACK because you think “I can’t have that”, or “I shouldn’t want that.”

Write exactly what your heart wants!

Don’t worry about how it could happen.

And yes, you ARE worthy of having everything you want, even if you can’t see a way right now.

4. Looking at it all, what do you want the upcoming year’s theme to be?

1. Write several theme statement ideas and pick your favorite. Just one or possibly two sentences that describe the TOP MOST important thing you want your year to be about.

2. Now, what is the ONE word that embodies your theme statement?

3. Write your ONE word at the top of a word processor document – write your ONE statement below it. This is the top heading for your Vision document that you will keep at the front of your journal to read and visualize daily.

5. Finalize your Vision & Theme document

1. Chose the things that are most important from section 3 and create 3-4 short paragraphs that details your vision of what life will look like one year from now.

2. Try to fit your vision paragraphs in ONE page for simplicity. Too long makes it less likely to review daily which is the most important thing.

3. Add your daily affirmations behind this page.

4. Voila! You now have your vision and affirmations document complete. Now print it and place it right at the front of your journal binder to review and visualize daily.

Feel free to update your vision sheet throughout the year – doesn’t need to be perfect or exact right now and your desires and visions can change if you want…

remember, it’s YOUR LIFE!

So that is the entire process, and this is what I warned you about up front would require some extra time and commitment.

But the rewards will be WELL worth it.

To have a clear vision to affirm each day is a priceless possession.

It is like the rudder to the ship of your life.

Without it you just wander the seas aimlesslypowerless to go where you want to go.

Your written vision keeps you tracking the right way and allows you to correct course when the storms blow you off track.

A written vision is essential for creating the life you want.

So look at your calendar and block off a day or two right now that you can work on this.

And in the meantime, print out The TAL Vision & Theme Creation Process workbook, place it in the ‘Vision & Theme’ tab of your journal…

…And start working through the review questions in sections one and two a little each day.

Make Today Amazing!