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Create – Day 8 – Why is a written vision so vital?

One of the most valuable writing practices I use is the Vision & Theme creation process.

This is not a daily writing habit, it’s an annual writing and discovery process that you then review daily all throughout the year.

The goal of this process is to come away with a one page vision and theme for your life for the upcoming year.

A written vision is vital for creating the life you want and keeping you on track to achieving it.

The great news is doing the work ONE TIME will guide your life all year long.

There are 2 main aspects to this process:

1 – Review of the past & Present, and

2 – Envisioning the future.

Much of the work is in the first part, and can be done in little chunks…

…so I encourage you to start the review process soon, a little each day, rather than leaving yourself a big daunting task at the end of the month.

But for the future vision part – the ideal scenario is to set aside time a ‘mini-retreat’ for a day or two – away from your normal environment – where you can devote focused time on the vision for your life.

Getting outside your normal environment is important for many reasons:

– It stimulates your mind to get out of the routine.

– A fresh environment can be inspiring and uplifting

– Getting out of the routine ensures a deeper remembrance of the event and thoughts.

If you create the vision for your life in the same place you do all your daily writing – it generally won’t get fixed in the memory with as much impact.

I can still remember in vivid detail where I was last year contemplating my life.

I was in a hammock, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a little town off the beaten path in Costa Rica, in the shade on the back porch of our rented house on the beach.

My kids happily splashed for hours in the pool a few yards away.

The breeze gently blew and the sound of the waves hitting the beach accompanied the entire experience.

It was serene and ideal – it felt inspiring.

This year I’m not planning such an extravagant getaway, but I will get out of my home office environment for at least the final creation of the vision and theme.

I’ll probably drive up into the mountains for part of the day and set up a cozy writing station in the back of my subaru overlooking some epic view.

It’s just good to do something different.

And ideally something peaceful – without distraction – where you can be alone in a place that lends itself toward inspiration.

But at the end of the day – where you do it, is not nearly as important as actually doing it.

Don’t get hung up on it if you don’t have some epic, inspiring getaway.

Just block some time on your schedule now for spending some time with the vision process.

I’ll share with you the exact details and a workbook for doing the entire process tomorrow…

…But to finish today…

…I want to impress upon your mind just how important this process will be for creating the life you want.

James Allen said: “Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” (As a man thinketh)

The question then is, what is your vision?

Are you crystal clear?

Do you review it in your mind daily?

Is it written down, or is it in your mind and always morphing?

Norman Vincent Peal said: “The mental vision which you create and firmly hold in consciousness will be actualized if you continually affirm it in your thoughts and if you work diligently and effectively.”

The only way you will be able to work diligently and effectively toward your vision is if you hold it firmly in your consciousness by continually affirming it.

And the only way to continually affirm the same vision long enough to achieve it is to have it written down.

But first you have to actually dream up a vision in your mind in order to write it down.

The process we’ll go through together this month will guide you through all of that.

At the end, if you simply follow the steps in the workbook I give you, you’ll come away with a 1 page vision that encapsulates the life you dream of.

When you put that vision front and center in your journal to review and visualize daily – you are on the path to realizing your visions.

Maintaining this daily clarity of vision is key to creating the life you want.

So together we’ll do the work up front this month, and it will guide you all year long.

Details to come tomorrow…

Make Today Amazing!