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Create – Day 5 – Discerning the difference between you and YOU.

I hope by now you’ve practiced the inner connection process at least a couple times.

If not, go ahead and stop now and give it a shot before continuing forward.

Without personal experience these discussions won’t be nearly as impactful for you.

Also, do you have your journal system set up now?

Do you have a special ‘Inner Connection’ section in your journal?

That’s great if so! If not, remember…you will get out of this what you put into it.

Making the commitment and getting yourself a journal system set up will greatly enhance your experience.

And it will help you make this a long-term, life-changing habit.

OK, let’s talk about more challenges you may face:

“What if I don’t hear anything at all when I ask questions?”

If my mind is just blank I might write something like, “hmmmm, nothing’s coming through…anybody there? :)”

And I’d definitely include that little smiley to make sure my inner voice knows I’m not being impatient and demanding! 😉

Just be yourself.

Just be real.

It’s your conversation. Do it however you see fit.

Don’t expect bolt of lightning epiphanies or some deep movie-like portrayal of God’s voice coming down from heaven in your head or something.

It’s likely your inner voice will speak to you in your voice, and your thoughts, and it will feel very much like you

…But like the ultra-wise, ultra-loving, ultra-kind version of you.

If you think your mind is completely blank, it may actually be that you’re trying too hard to come up with a perfect answer before writing something down.

Practice just blurting out whatever thoughts come to mind.

This isn’t going to be submitted to any grammar teachers and you’re not being graded.

Raw unfiltered conversation is usually best.

What would happen if you asked a friend a question and they just stared off in space and didn’t respond?

You’d most likely get their attention and ask again.

Just do the same thing to yourself. Ask in a different way, whatever you feel like you need to do.

Now, here’s a big one:

“How do I distinguish my true inner voice (some call it God’s will) from my natural desires, wants, or cravings?”

This is the toughest part of inner voice connection for many of us.

Distinguishing between the different voices competing for attention in our own heads can be challenging.

The only reliable way I know of to distinguish is by paying attention to my feelings…

But this writing process in a back and forth conversation style greatly helps with that.

Basically if it feels loving – it’s likely your inner voice.

If it feels anything other than loving – probably not.

Think of your true inner being as unconditionally loving, merciful, kind, and possessing all knowledge of everything.

After you ask a question and you have written thoughts that pop into your mind, you can hold them up against these questions:

Is it kind? Is it loving? Is it pure? Is it unselfish?

If the answers are yes it is likely your true inner voice.

Good, positive, loving feelings are the fruit of the inner voice.

There’s a scripture in the new testament in Galations 5:22 that says: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.”

If the thought you wrote down evokes those feelings – it is coming from your inner voice.

If it produces feelings of confusion, anxiety, fear, doubt – then its probably good to ask more questions about it.

So, what if you write something down and it really doesn’t feel like it’s from your inner voice or from God?

Just ask, “Is this right? Is this good? Or am I off track here?”

As you dissect every issue that arises with questions and answers it will start to become clear…

…And your feelings will be your guide and your judge.

At some point, you will come to conclusions that match up with those feelings of love, joy, peace, and faith…

It will feel really good.

You will feel lighter, happier, grateful.

If you’re an emotional person like me don’t be surprised if tears are flowing freely…

…My journal is consistently dodging the rain shower off my face to keep it’s ink from getting smeared.

I can tell I’m connecting when the emotion starts flowing – it’s not always tears, but emotions are important.

Pay attention to your feelings.

Your feelings are your guide to your inner voice.

Connect with your self again today – and every day.

I know of nothing in the world more important than regular communication with your own soul and your own spiritual source.

Keep it up! Make Today Amazing.