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Create – Day 4 – One question that opens many doors

Did you practice inner connection writing yesterday?

That’s great if so. If not, make sure to do some of it today!

Even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes.

You will only learn the art of inner connection by practicing it.

Now today let’s explore inner connection writing more with some clarifications & some potential challenges.

First clarifications:

You can direct your writing to yourself, to God, to the universe – whatever you want. It’s your journal and your life – go with what feels best for you.

I switch between speaking to myself and to God quite often – both can be quite valuable.

Most often I speak to God though.

But if I’m angry, or confused, I sometimes find myself speaking to the angry part of myself.

There is no exact science to this.

The opportunity is to simply direct your attention inside and start conversations with the characters you find…whoever they may be.

Your good self, your mad self, your happy self, God, the universe, your creator – you decide!

Just open up the dialogue and start the conversation.

Opening the dialogue opens up connection.

Connection to your inner self opens the doors for insight, inspiration, clarity, and peace.

Now let’s talk about some challenges you might run up against:

“What do I write about?”

Literally anything that is on your mind.

The 5 steps I shared yesterday are a good framework to start with if your mind is blank though.

1- Hello. 2- Thank you. 3- This is what’s on my mind. 4- Listen. 5- Write.

Another great place to start is just to write about how you are feeling.

For example, “I’m feeling sad. What’s going on? It seems like I keep getting stuck with_______”.

Or “Wow! I’m feeling so happy right now. Thank you for ______”.

Maybe you don’t even have any questions you want to ask and you just need a place to vent…that’s great too!

You can certainly vent anything you want to God or your inner voice.

Then when you get it all out – that’s a good time to open up a back and forth dialogue.

Deep connection happens when it’s a two-way communication as opposed to one person just venting to another.

The inner connection process is focused on conversations with your ‘higher self’…

…Connecting with your inner wisdom, tapping in, and communicating…

…Asking questions and listening for answers.

Sometimes it’s work.

The listening part can feel easy sometimes when inspired thought is just flowing out of the pen…

…Or very challenging at other times when you think you hear crickets in your head it’s so silent up there.

In either case, just keep conversing with yourself…ask questions.

Which leads to another possible challenge:

“What questions should I be asking?”

Any questions that are on your mind at all!

But here’s one that I often ask each day:

“What would you have me know or do today?”

That’s a humbling question.

It acknowledges there is a source of power much greater than just you, that is willing and able to guide you.

That question consciously opens you to receive guidance and inspiration for your life from the infinite source of all intelligence within you.

Sometimes the only thoughts that come up with that question are things that were already on the mind needing to be done today.

That’s totally fine – write those down.

Then you can ask, “Is there anything else?

Sometimes random thoughts will come of people or things with no apparent connection.

When you write those down you may have no idea what to do with them.

So what do you do?


It’s a conversation remember? 🙂

It’s fun to see where these conversations lead and what comes of them.

Sometimes when you ask, you may be surprised to immediately be flooded with thoughts that are extremely exciting that amaze you.

I’ve had times when the pen was flying so fast to try to keep up with the thoughts flooding in that when it stopped 30 minutes later there were 4 or 5 pages filled up with writing.

It’s a different adventure every day!

I usually end the conversation with gratitude for any guidance or anything else and then move forth with my day.

It’s ideal to do some inner connection writing in the morning.

I usually do it early on in my regular morning routine, and then I prioritize my day directly afterward, based on any insight or guidance I may have gained.

We’ll cover some more common questions on this process tomorrow, for now…

…Keep up the practice of this inner connection process, and…

Make Today Amazing!