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Create – Day 3 – The Inner Connection Process

Today I will discuss the most important thing I hope you come away with this month: A deeper connection with your inner self.

Some call it God. Some call it their soul. Some call it their inner voice.

I call it all of those things.

Regardless of what we each choose to call it, every person on the planet has a spiritual inner part to themselves.

Mahatma Gandhi said: Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone.

There are not a privileged few who are just ‘spiritual’ or ‘enlightened’ like Gandhi who can connect to their own soul.

Everyone can, who is willing to make the effort.

My greatest hope this month is to help you enhance the connection between you and your inner voice.

Because when that connection is clear and not cloudy – when we can hear our inner voice – we have access to a source of knowledge, inspiration, guidance, genius, peace, and love that is unimaginable.

And everyone on earth, without exception, has the opportunity to connect with and receive guidance from their inner, higher self.

Why is this so important?

Aligning with our true self is the only way to be truly at peace in life and to create the life we truly want.

Have you ever become fixated on wanting something, going full-steam ahead and getting it, only to find out that you didn’t really want it after all?

I certainly have and still do. Usually it’s because I’m following the ego’s selfish or comfort-seeking motives and not listening to my true inner voice.

We can’t create the life we truly want if we aren’t in communication with our true self.

It’s important to listen to our inner voice so that we can know in the first place what we truly want.

So the most important first thing is to acknowledge the importance of connecting with this inner part of ourselves…

…The part that wants only goodness, is full of compassion & love, and that is connected to the source of everything.

Once we acknowledge that, then it’s time to plug ourselves in start listening.

My primary goal every day is to open the connection to my inner voice and keep that connection open throughout the day.

The connection with my inner voice has become the most vital aspect to the happiness and peace in my life.

And happiness and peace are just the beginning…

I can also credit this connection with every single good thing that I have ever been a part of creating.

Anything I have ever written that has helped others is a result of seeking to be connected to my inner voice.

Any creative state of making music, or art, or designing anything that is beautiful and helpful has happened by connecting to my inner self.

When I have felt depressed, despairing, and out of control and anxious in life it has often correlated with a lack of connection with my inner voice.

Again, call it what you will – God, the universe, source, the inner voice – when I’m disconnected from that, I tend to feel unhappy and struggle.

When I’m connected I am at peace – despite what’s going on around me.

So for me, the #1 priority every single day of my life is to connect to my inner voice – my true self – my source.

And I’ve found that writing is the best way to do it.

Not the only way of course, all it really takes is one thought…

…but writing is the most effective way to focus and capture thoughts.

Writing forces you to slow down the turbo mind.

When you write the words – it forces you to clarify them and really spend time thinking them through.

It exposes the words to the light – brings them out of the shadows -and makes them very, very real.

A thought in the head can easily be dismissed as an incessant stream of other thoughts and distractions push it off to the side.

But once you write a thought down, it can no longer be dismissed. You’ve captured it permanently.

So when you ask your inner voice for guidance and then you write it down – you capture powerful guidance and truth – specifically tailored to you directly from your source.

And the process of connecting with your inner voice in writing is incredibly simple:

Just get a blank sheet of lined paper and start a conversation in writing with your inner voice.

That’s really it!

OK, you want some steps? Try this:

1- Just say hello to yourself or God!

2- Express some gratitude for the goodness in your life.

3- Ask questions – whatever is on your mind

4- Listen.

5- Write whatever thoughts pop up in your head. Don’t analyze it, just write.

Then repeat steps 2 through 5 as much as you want.

Easy enough right?

Tomorrow I’ll share more details of what some of my conversations might look like to help guide you in this process and discuss some of the possible challenges.

For now, go start a conversation with your inner voice in writing!

Make Today Amazing!