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Create – Day 25 – So what should you do with your vision statement?

How is it going?

Do you have your Vision and Theme for the year created now?

I’d love to hear how that has gone or if you have any questions…

Don’t hesitate to reach out for support in the TAL Mastermind Community!

We are here to help each other…so remember, you are not alone.

And don’t think there are any bad questions – everyone is at different places with this and you never know…

…Your question may be just the thing that helps someone else who wasn’t comfortable speaking up.

I care deeply that you get results with all these writing processes I’m teaching you…

…So please reach out if you need support!

Also, we all love to hear any great experiences you’re having with writing and/or vision creation.

So now, the question is…

What do you do with your vision and theme once you have them?

Print it!

Post it!

Visualize it Daily!

I recommend placing it in the ‘Vision & Theme’ tab as the very first tab of your journal.

Behind this vision statement, I like to add all my personal daily affirmations – as shown here.

Feel free to copy any of these affirmations or use them for ideas in creating your own.

Your affirmations list is just any statement of truth you want to remind yourself about each day.

We cover the power of affirmations in depth in the course on the pillar of BELIEVE.

It’s extremely valuable to read through affirmations of your truths, with feeling, right after you re-visualize your life’s vision and theme.

The key to making vision & affirmations processes effective is to do it with FEELING.

Until you engage your actual senses in the process of visualizing, you greatly limit its benefit to you.

Just breezing through it each day quickly and getting those words into your head probably has some value…just due to the nature of repetition.

Repeat a thing often enough and eventually you start believing it and feeling it.

But what’s better – by a HUGE magnitude – is repeating things with feeling while picturing the things in your mind.

Allow the written words on your sheet to be the calling cards that pull up beautiful images of the things you desire in your mind.

As you read, and then picture in your mind – you will likely start feeling good.

Making the picture in your mind is a focusing of your thoughts.

When you focus your thoughts on the things you want – it generally produces good feelings.

Unless there is a lack of belief, in which case you’ll likely feel bad, because you are actually focused on NOT having that thing.

But when you think of what you want with belief…you feel good.

And that good feeling is the key to attracting those things into your life.

Not only that, you feel good! Which feels good! 🙂

Which is how we want to live life right now.

If this vision process did nothing more for you than help you start every day feeling good – it would be more than worth it just for that!

The point of life is joy.

Envisioning the life you want produces feelings of joy.

That is all you need.

You don’t actually need the thing you envision to already be in your physical experience in order to feel joy.

The more you get yourself feeling the joy of your vision each day – the better quality of life you have.

The actual thing you envision will show up at some point.

But the important thing is this:

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” – Jim Rohn

When you visualize your ideals and it makes you feel happy…you have designed happiness for the present.

You win!

You aren’t waiting for anything.

But at the same time, as we learn from James Allen: “The vision that you glorify in your mind, the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, this you will become.”

As you continually ‘glorify your vision in your mind’ you will feel joy…

…And doing this a little each day – even if it’s just two minutes…

You eventually must become your vision.

This is an immutable fact of nature.

You will become your visions.

The problem is, many of us are unconscious about our visions…

…Sometimes we don’t realize we are creating our misery through worry, or allowing negative thoughts to consume us…

Focused more often on what we don’t want.

Worry is negative goal setting…the creation of things you don’t want.

Whereas envisioning your desires, and feeling good, is the starting point of creating everything you want!

That’s why worrying feels horrible!

And that’s also why envisioning your ideals feels amazing!

The creative force of life running through all of us is eager to guide us to the creation of good…

…And it does so through our feelings.

So hold your vision high in your mind daily throughout your life!

I’m super excited for what you will create with this powerful tool.

Make Today Amazing!